Why would you have an I.T. strategy session—without your I.T. guy?

I.T. manager is not part of the executive leadership teamCEO  … Business owner … CXO … President … CFO … Executive team … COO … I.T. manager.

One of these things is not like the others. One of these things just doesn’t belong…. ♫♪

You’re a C-level leader. You are responsible for seeing the “big picture.” When you gather your most trusted advisors to strategize your company’s future, who is in the huddle with you?

If you’re like every successful company we’ve consulted over the past 33 years, I think I know who’s on your vision team. It’s your top executives. They help you to set the 1-year and 5-year priorities for your company.

Business goals need executive leadership

Members of your CXO leadership team—your most trusted fellow executives—understand business goals. They see the big picture on growth and competitive advantage. You want their insights. You need the executive team to understand the ramifications of their decisions. And you need them to be on the same page. That’s hard enough with a small group of executives. Add other, lower-level management into the mix and all of a sudden you have divergent agendas and a lack of shared goals.

That’s why, when clients ask NetGain’s experts to conduct a technology strategy session, it’s exclusive to the C-suite.

Literally for decades, NetGain Technologies has provided technology consulting to our clients. It’s the heart of what we do: We help business leaders align technology with their business objectives.

CXO strategy sessions to align your technology with your business goals

Those strategy sessions have included business reviews, budget planning, technology roadmapping, and trend analysis. These are not overly-technical reviews of network diagrams and hardware specs. The goal is to help executives understand the business impact of technology decisions.

These strategy sessions are popular. They have become a critical component of the managed I.T. services we provide to client companies.

At the start of the year, we introduced a formal workshop for growth-oriented and technology-dependent companies. (Read about the new offering in this press release, or learn more about the workshop.)

Technology is not the sole domain of your CXO team, of course. The workshop has several components to ensure we have an accurate picture of how your whole company uses I.T. Prior to the on-site workshop, we survey your full staff and middle managers and I.T. guys.

But when we visit your office for the workshop itself, it’s an intense strategy session—and for that meeting, attendance is by invitation only.

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