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It’s not if, it’s when. Are you prepared for before, during and after a cyber attack? Plan your strategy with a cybersecurity company that is experienced in everything from endpoint to business continuity.

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At NetGain, we’ve been securing businesses across multiple industries since 1984. Get peace of mind and stay on top of evolving threats when you use our cybersecurity services.

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Don’t live in constant fear that your organization will be hacked. Work with one of the top cyber security firms to manage your company’s risk.

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vCSO Consulting

We provide companies of all sizes and industries with executive-level guidance and leadership to develop and maintain your security strategy and plan.

Endpoint Protection

With an increase in remote work, every device on your network must be protected from threats. Our real-time threat intelligence protects your endpoints, servers and data.

Security Assessments

Regular scans and analysis, essential to your risk management process, to evaluate current assets deployed in the environment for vulnerabilities.

Incident Response

Develop and test a plan customized to your organization, so you’re prepared to recover fast and efficiently in the event of a breach.

Social Awareness

Employees are your last line of defense. Train them to recognize and reduce their susceptibility to phishing scams by cyber criminals.

Email Protection

Email is one of the #1 way hackers attempt cyber attacks. We encrypt your email to protect against ransomware, spam and more.

Advanced Threat

Comprehensive endpoint protection to stop the widest range of threats. Plus, it provides visibility into the scope of an attack, how it started, what was impacted and how to respond.

Risk Assessment

Evaluate your organization’s potential security risk. Compliance regulated industries require a risk assessment every 12 to 18 months.


Elite security professionals are constantly on-guard, 24×7 to protect your organization from known and emerging threats.

Cybersecurity Companies

A Proactive, Tested Approach To Cybersecurity

In today’s world of ever-expanding cyber threats, every organization must be prepared. Our comprehensive essential security services help businesses maintain a minimal level of risk.

A Team of Security Professionals

Our team of certified experts assess and define your organization’s security posture to improve IT security controls and safeguard data assets.

Consulting for your Cyber Needs

Working with your leadership team, we prioritize cyber threat concerns, evaluate consistency with your organization’s strategic plans and overall governance framework, and recommend security needs.

Are you prepared to both protect and recover from a cyber attack?

We’re a leader among IT security companies, so you can feel good knowing we have a comprehensive, in-depth approach to protecting your business.

Incident Response Plan (IRP)

A structured incident response program is vital to ensure a fast and efficient recovery from a cyber attack.

VCSO & CISSP-certified Engineers

Our team works with you to navigate any security incident in a way that limits damage and reduces recovery time and costs.

An Organized Approach

From the moment a breach is detected, this organized approach, in the form of incident response, addresses and manages the effects and aftermath of a security breach.

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Connect with a Cyber Security Expert.

A Trusted Member of Your Team

NetGain’s seasoned Virtual Chief Security Officers (vCSO) partner with you, as a trusted member of your leadership team, to develop and maintain your corporate security strategy and plan.
  • Essential Vulnerability Scans

Identifying how vulnerable your IT infrastructure is to known weaknesses is essential to your risk management process

  • Consistent Social Awareness

With unlimited phishing security tests, you can pinpoint employees who need additional training to limit your vulnerabilities.

  • Cyber Security Basics

Multi-factor authentication and enterprise-class email protection are basic levels of threat protection that every organization must have in place.

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