Rule 1 of becoming a great place to work: Know who you are

“Know who you are” is part 1 in blog series: 6 extraordinary ways to be a great place to work A few years ago, NetGain Technologies’ leadership team set a new goal: Every employee should be…

12 simple rules to avoid ransomware emails

Review the following technology security information to help you avoid falling victim to hacking attempts and ransomware emails. These tips first appeared in NetGain’s quarterly client security communication.

What is operational maturity? An overview starting with OML 1

When technology is introduced to a business, it’s installed to boost operational maturity. In our experience performing Executive Workshops, the average mid-size business with an in-house I.T. team has achieved an operational maturity level 1to OML 2 (on the five-point scale overviewed below). In our strategic workshops, we advise a quick elevation to OML 3, and a longer-term goal of OML 4.5 to OML 5.

Cyber attacks on Friday were bad. It could get worse.

If you signed out from your office a bit early Friday afternoon and did not tune in to the news over the weekend, you missed the onset of a major, ongoing cybersecurity scare. Following are some important reports about the WannaCrypt / WannaCry ransomware to get you up to speed

Mother’s Day scam, plus all the week’s security news

Bed, Bath, and Beyond has already had to issue the following statement surrounding a “Mother’s Day scam”–a phony store coupon that has been circulating on Facebook.

Google Doc phishing attack via social engineering, plus more security news

A very convincing Google Docs phishing scheme raced through the internet yesterday, looking like it came from someone you know. It was almost spreading as fast as a real computer worm, but this was driven by social engineering the end-users instead. Looks like a million people fell for it in less than an hour.

KnowBe4 presents wild phishing attacks, plus other security headlines

KnowBe4 presents a top-10 list of phishing attacks and notes, “Note that these have made it through all the filters and into the inbox of the employee.” They advise “that creating a human firewall is an essential last line of defense which you cannot do without.”

One step ahead: Small banks in the era of big disruption

Make no mistake, we are living in THE era of disruption. In fact, my contention is: “Never in human history has there been a more disruptive time than we have today.” Three major factors driving this epic disruption are: The quantity and speed we get information; the direct nature of that information—it no longer filters through traditional channels; and exponential innovation. So, what does this era of disruption mean for community banks?

WhatsApp voicemail scam and other I.T. security news this week

Here is a heads-up of a WhatsApp voicemail scam: a social engineering phishing email that may appear in your inbox in the near future.