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Why choose NetGain Technologies for Software Asset Management (SAM)?

  • A clear understanding of your entitlements
  • Actionable insights to reduce costs
  • Internal and vendor audit support
  • Risk monitoring and assessments
  • SAM tool implementation and management
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Simplify and Optimize Software Asset Management

Enhance software asset management efficiency with integrated automation and digital workflows for streamlined operations.

Reduce manual tasks, minimize errors, and bolster strategic planning and compliance initiatives.

Software Asset Management
Expand Users, Minimize Effort.

Effortlessly manage device setups, application sharing, and password configurations with ease.

Simplify onboarding processes for employees regardless of their location, allowing for quick and convenient setups.

Organize users into groups based on various criteria and seamlessly import users from other platforms for efficient management.

Monitor Usage, Ensure Compliance

Make informed purchase decisions with software metering data on usage patterns.

Monitor license compliance efficiently with the software dashboard’s insights on software status.

Maintain software integrity and security by centrally managing service packs and updates.

Software Asset Management
Software Asset Management
Effortless License Management. Audit-Ready Compliance.

Assign diverse license types and manage software licenses effectively.

Stay informed about license expiration dates to mitigate risks proactively.

Easily create vendor agreements and link software licenses for streamlined management.

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How can SAM cut IT costs in [CITY]?

Implementing Software Asset Management (SAM) provides clear insights into software and cloud usage in [CITY]. It helps detect shadow IT, remove redundancies, and optimize license management. This strategic approach reduces expenses and ensures each asset is valuable, aligning with financial and resource optimization objectives.

What benefits does automation bring to our software lifecycle management?

Automation in Software Asset Management (SAM) enhances operational efficiency by seamlessly connecting departments. This streamlining saves time, reduces errors, and allows focus on strategic initiatives, boosting productivity and compliance standards.

How does SAM support growth and scalability for our company?

Software Asset Management (SAM) offers scalable solutions that evolve with your business, adapting IT resources as you grow. This flexibility ensures efficiency without straining your budget or infrastructure. SAM not only manages current assets but also readies your tech environment for expansion. This strategic planning supports seamless scalability, aligning software management capabilities with your business growth needs, providing the necessary tools and resources at every stage.

Can SAM assist in maintaining compliance and reducing license risks?

Software Asset Management (SAM) plays a vital role in proactively managing software licenses to ensure compliance and reduce risks of unlicensed usage. By meticulously monitoring software deployments and verifying proper licensing, SAM shields against legal and financial liabilities. This approach builds a solid compliance foundation that upholds your business integrity. Addressing license concerns promptly not only maintains vendor compliance but also showcases a commitment to ethical software practices, safeguarding your company's reputation.

How does SAM offer transparency into our IT environment?

Software Asset Management (SAM) provides unmatched transparency into your IT environment through comprehensive asset tracking. It offers insights into software use, costs, and licensing for informed decision-making. These detailed insights optimize investments, aligning your technology portfolio with business goals. SAM goes beyond inventory management, empowering your business to utilize IT assets effectively, driving efficiency, cost savings, and improved returns.

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