Message from the CEO – January 2019

A few years ago, our management team sat down to identify our core values – who we wanted to be as a company listed out in 10 values. Since then, we’ve tried to incorporate those values into our day-to-day workplace. For us, 2018 was the year of “if you think you can or can’t, you are probably right”. We found that believing in our processes, our people, and ourselves meant we could achieve new thresholds. Let me share why.

The Growth Trend Continues

At NetGain, we follow the “Rockefeller Habits” created by Verne Harnish, where we provide these goals to our employees annually, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily. We attribute our success to following these principles.

December 2018 we had our best month in sales history. We knew our company goals, along with individual goals, which allowed us to succeed in this area.  Clearly, with the good economy, companies had the ability to invest more than ever in their organizations’ technology infrastructure to improve their competitive advantage, and the overall experience for their employees and their customers.

Trends in the Market

Learning from our clients is invaluable. As I meet with them throughout the year, I make note of our discussions. There continues to be common themes among them including:

  • More businesses are educated on the economics of managed services and are looking to outsource I.T. responsibilities
  • The Cloud has transitioned from a security concern to a security advantage, therefore, more C-level people are less worried about where their I.T. resides
  • The market wants to understand a company’s SUPER POWER (i.e. what they do best) to ensure they are investing in a partnership yielding expected results
  • The market is becoming more data driven as everything is now collecting data, however, they are challenged bringing systems together to make smart business decisions

These trends will continue in the coming years and businesses will have to evolve while using them to their advantage.

Reward Your Employees

In April of 2017, I shared a post on why companies should consider rewarding their employees by traveling outside of work. It encourages our family first core value, along with improving communication among leaders within the organization and allowing us to all celebrate successes together as a team.

At NetGain we have two annual reward trips: Chairman’s Club and President’s Club. They are both rewards trips for our top performers based on different criteria. Without good, hard-working team members, we do not have a business.   Please help us congratulate the following winners:

  • This year’s Chairman’s Club trip is to O’ahu, Hawaii:
    • Wayne Logan
    • Wayne Ebersohl
    • Dave Thomas
    • Carl Crosby
    • Kim Hutton
    • Robin Fischer
    • Rob Holt
  • President’s Club will be held at The Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia:
    • Jesse Kuykendall
    • Tom Jefvert
    • Dustin Nichols
    • Adam Weiger
    • John Meholovitch
    • Shane Wendel
    • Elizabeth Royse
    • Ryan Burney

Honor and Recognition in Q4 2018

Quarterly awards for outstanding employee efforts went to:

  • Sales-Professional Services: Wayne Logan
  • Finance and Administrative: Jason DiNardo
  • Technology OneSource Engineer: Rob Holt
  • Professional Services Engineer: Shane Wendel
  • Tactical Operations Team: Noah Fister
  • Client Success: Adam Weiger
  • Sales Support: Randy Preston

Annual Honor and Recognition for 2018

2018 NetGain Way Annual Award Winners

In 2018, we changed our annual award categories to align with our core values. It’s just another way we continue to integrate it into our day-to-day work. Moreover, this year, we decided to let our employees select our annual award winners. Without further ado, annual awards for employees who represent our core values went to:

  • Family First: Nabeel Sawaf
  • Fight every day for what’s right: Ryan Burney
  • If you think you can or can’t, you’re probably right: Tom Marvin
  • We always win TOGETHER: Christa Hurst
  • Only do things where we can be the very best: Jason McRoberts
  • Every client should be a promoter: Adam Weiger
  • Constant pursuit of a better way: Jesse Kuykendall
  • If you’re having fun you’re doing it right: Terri Snider
  • Leave it better than you found it: Phil Warren
  • Be the workplace of a lifetime: Elizabeth Royse
  • The NetGain Way: Jesse Kuykendall

Looking ahead into 2019

Moving into 2019, we expect this growth trend to continue. Organic growth can be one of the most challenging feats of a B2B organization. With our marketing and sales teams, we expect to see our organic growth continue to rise.

Not only are we projecting record-breaking organic growth, we are also working diligently to grow through acquiring other like-minded managed I.T. services providers who fit our culture. These two methods give us the highest likelihood of success.

With growth comes opportunities. To realize those opportunities, it takes a team working together, therefore, our 2019 theme is “we always win together” – one of our core values.

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