Your Business Depends on I.T.

NetGain managed services allow you to focus on your business growth and success, secure in the knowledge that your I.T. infrastructure is always operational and serves your needs.

Our Process

Meet to Discuss Your I.T. Strategy & Challenges

Meet to Discuss Your I.T. Strategy & Challenges

Use the form on this page and we will reach out to you to schedule a time to talk. During that meeting, we will provide you more information about us, ask some questions about how you deal with technology today, and determine a path to get you on track with your business goals.

Develop a Plan to Align Technology to Your Business Goals

Develop a Plan to Align Technology to Your Business Goals

We work with you to develop a strategy that will maximize your I.T. investments, improve operational efficiency, and form a detailed short- and long-term guaranteed process that aligns technology with your business goals.

Implement, Support, & Manage the Best-in-Class Plan

Implement, Support, & Manage the Best-in-Class Plan

We implement the short- and long-term best-in-class, proven process as your I.T. partner for a fixed, monthly fee.

What is Managed I.T. Services?

When your business collaborates with our proven managed I.T. services program—Technology OneSource—you are able to devote your resources to making your business more competitive and your employees more productive.

Your business depends on I.T.

Leaders of growing companies often do not have a technical background. They may recognize that their technology infrastructure contributes to their scalability for continued progress, but they often see I.T. as a cost center, rather than as a competitive advantage. They are uncomfortable managing I.T. Many wish they could just delegate the responsibility.

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As the region’s leading I.T. consultant since 1984, we know that if technology is not working for our clients, they struggle to grow. But a one-size-fits-all solution is not appropriate. When we begin to work with new clients, we counsel them to:

  1. Schedule a C-level meeting: During this session, our business consultants learn more about your company’s unique challenges and goals
  2. Develop a strategy: NetGain’s consultants conduct a business review and identify the business impact of your current and future technology decisions
  3. Implement a guaranteed plan: With hundreds of clients from 30 to 300 employees, NetGain Technologies customizes I.T. solutions for successful businesses and guarantees our services

If you are uncertain that your I.T. processes and support are helping your company grow, you are not alone. Don’t wait for unhappy customers or frustrated employees to force changes. Be proactive and schedule a meeting today to become confident about your I.T.

Proactive Technology Management

Executives know the proactive approach is best. Unfortunately, they often find themselves feeling reactive when it comes to the I.T. that drives their business. We understand the challenge and have been helping business leaders develop a positive relationship with technology since 1984.

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Solving the problem is simpler than you might think. When you become a member of Technology OneSource, our processes transform your existing environment. Our worldwide top-100 managed I.T. services program arms you with a proactive approach that monitors and maintains your equipment, provides you with documentation for external audits, and strengthens the foundation you need to grow.

Contact us today to find out more about a proactive approach and what it will mean for your business. The alternative is to continue waiting for problems to occur and address them on a “break/fix” basis. Continuing this reactive approach results in inefficiencies, including unproductive employees when systems are down.

Network Administration

Business leaders see value in staying focused on their core business. They want all of their employees to be engaged in the most productive tasks at any time to help the company fulfill its mission. Too often, everyday distractions pull people away from that mission.

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In many businesses, network administration is a frequent victim of those distractions. “Network administration” is a primary responsibility of any I.T. management plan, encompassing I.T. administrative tasks, infrastructure maintenance and development, and support obligations. Network administration is often time-intensive and is typically overlooked by internal I.T. staff or less diligent service providers. As a result, many businesses fail to maintain current software versions and updates, which leaves them vulnerable.

Businesses that join our worldwide top-100 managed I.T. services program, Technology OneSource, benefit from a documented, proactive process that incorporates best-in-class network administration. That way you and your team stay focused on the work that drives your bottom line. Contact us today to learn how our approach works. Keep your business rolling with minimal distractions—or risk your business grinding to a halt if important back-end network oversight goes undone.

Reactive Support Services

As a business leader, you know efficiencies are key to scalable growth. Proactive technology management minimizes the number of problems that occur. However, because of the unpredictable nature of technology, anything can happen. And when it does, the processes we follow can mean the difference between success and failure.

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For your employees, inefficient I.T. support processes can spiral quickly to lost production, lower moral, missed deadlines, and siphoning away the bottom line. For executives, understanding I.T. processes is a common struggle.

What are the key performance indicators (KPIs) for I.T. staff and systems, and how do you measure them? How quickly do problems get acknowledged? How quickly are they resolved? Do the same issues continue to reoccur? How many technology issues occur each day?

Best in class organizations have about 0.25 tickets per end user per day. So if you have 100 users, you should see about 25 tickets per day. Our I.T. consultants have been measuring these types of KPIs for a long time. And we can help you start to assess them, or improve your metrics. Contact us and we will compare your current situation with industry benchmarks and with NetGain’s best-in-class standards. Feel confident that your technology is supporting your business. Spiraling down is never fun, especially when it is your money.

Business Strategy

Savvy leaders do not seek their strategy advice from just anyone. When strategy requirements become more complex, that complexity affects almost every aspect of their business. Successful executives learn they must trust their technology partner like they trust their legal counsel.

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But how do you really know whom to trust? We suggest starting with facts and good data. When NetGain begins working with a new business, we determine its unique technology baseline, then analyze the company’s data compared to that baseline and make recommendations for improved processes. When you become a member of our worldwide top-100 managed I.T. services program, Technology OneSource, we help you:

  • Understand how your I.T. is performing compared to best-in-class metrics and your competitors
  • Measure accountability
  • Identify challenges before they occur
  • Set a fixed budget for I.T. support and hardware

With a technology strategy customized to your business goals, you gain a comfortable and predictable environment. This gives you clarity to operational and capital investments required for future growth. If you require expert strategic advice, contact us today to start receiving regular documentation on your I.T. status. You don’t want to risk trusting someone less experienced.

Industries we typically work with

Banking & Finance

Banking & Finance

Compliance, audits, security—do not avoid technology, embrace it to improve your business.



Streamline processes, innovate improvements, and create efficiencies with I.T.

Health Care

Health Care

Provide better client experience and align I.T. with HITECH & HIPAA regulations.

Professional Services

Professional Services

Use technology as a competitive advantage to provide knowledge & expert skill.

What’s my investment?

Technology OneSource is an unusually inclusive program for businesses. The monthly fee is meant to help business leaders form a working budget, so our managed I.T. services program minimizes and often entirely eliminates “time and material” (T&M) expenses.

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For example, Technology OneSource clients enjoy Cisco Unified Communications (Cisco UC) support included in the monthly fee. Onsite support also is included, even for PC replacements and moves. Technology OneSource members have no limit on monthly hours allotted for service; and their Office file storage is included in the base monthly fee.

The base monthly fee ranges between $5,000 and $50,000 depending on the size of your organization. For specific information on pricing for your organization, call 844-777-6278.

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"NetGain Technologies is a strategic partner to Best Upon Request. They are part of our strategy to be High Touch and High Tech! The Technology OneSource, managed IT services lets all of our team members focus on our core business of serving our customers."

Tillie Hidalgo Lima, CEO
Best Upon Request

"Technology OneSource is more economical than building an in-house IT team and trying to keep up with the evolution of technology that is critical to our business."

Louis Prichard, President & CEO
Kentucky Bank

"Information technology is a collection of tools that power my business and Technology OneSource assures reliability of those tools, which means my employees’ productivity is optimized."

Lecia Post, Senior VP & CTO
Tower Community Bank

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