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Cloud adoption has reached unprecedented levels, with over 90% of enterprises incorporating the cloud into their operations. Businesses are seeing as much as a 20% savings on costs by moving their workload and processes to the cloud; it’s no wonder we’re seeing such massive cloud usage worldwide.

But with this mass adoption comes a more sophisticated threat landscape, with cybercriminals devising new tactics to exploit vulnerabilities and compromise your sensitive data. Cybercrime is set to cost the global economy over $10 trillion annually by 2025. The cloud can be open grounds for attack for companies who don’t protect themselves, and cloud malware is a new angle cybercriminals are taking to get your data.

In this blog, we explore:

  • Emerging cloud malware threats to watch out for in 2024
  • The role of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) in mitigating new risks
  • How you can keep safe while leveraging all the cloud has to offer, to supercharge productivity and efficiency for your business


The Growing Threat of Cloud Malware in 2024

Cloud malware poses a significant risk to organizations, with cybercriminals using various techniques to infiltrate cloud environments and compromise data. Some emerging cloud malware threats to be vigilant about in 2024 include:


1. Fileless Malware Attacks

Fileless malware resides in data memory and leaves little to no trace. This cyber attack type presents a major challenge for traditional security solutions. Fileless attacks exploit weak points in cloud infrastructure and applications, challenging detection and remediation.


2. Zero-Day Exploits

Zero-day exploits are cyber attacks that target previously unknown vulnerabilities in networks and in the cloud. Cybercriminals can gain unauthorized access to your systems and cloud applications and push their malicious code. With the increased use of cloud technologies, exposure to zero-day exploits is widening and is a growing risk to businesses.

Keep Your Business Safe at All Times from Cloud Malware

Leverage leading-edge cybersecurity services and resources to guarantee security.


3. Supply Chain Attacks

Supply chain attackers target third-party vendors and service providers, exploiting trust relationships to infiltrate cloud environments and distribute malware. As businesses increasingly rely on interconnected ecosystems of cloud services and applications, the risk of supply chain attacks is rising.


The Role of Managed Service Providers in Malware Mitigation

Getting a managed service provider is crucial in helping businesses defend against malware and other online threats. With advanced cybersecurity solutions and expertise, MSPs can proactively detect and respond to malicious activities, minimizing the risk of data breaches and downtime.


1. Proactive Threat Monitoring

MSPs employ advanced threat monitoring tools and techniques to detect and analyze suspicious activities in real-time. By continuously monitoring cloud environments for signs of malware and anomalous behavior, MSPs can identify and mitigate threats before they escalate into full-blown attacks.


2. Security Patch Management

MSPs should ensure cloud infrastructure and applications are regularly patched and updated to address known vulnerabilities and security flaws. By staying ahead of emerging threats and applying patches promptly, MSPs minimize the risk of malware and other cyber threats.


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3. Incident Response and Remediation

In the event of a malware or security incident, MSPs provide rapid incident response and support services to contain the threat and restore your systems. By leveraging their skills and resources, MSPs help businesses minimize the impact of malware attacks and mitigate potential damage to their reputation and revenue.


The Cloud Malware Threat Landscape

Threats Mitigation Strategies
Fileless Malware Attacks Implement behavior-based detection and endpoint protection solutions. Regularly update your systems with security patches and conduct security awareness training for employees.
Zero-Day Exploits Utilize intrusion detection systems and threat intelligence feeds. Employ network segmentation and access controls to limit exposure.
Supply Chain Attacks Vet third-party vendors and implement security controls, such as encryption and multifactor authentication. Continuously monitor and audit supply chain activities.


Cloud Malware


Protect Your Business From Malware and All Other Cyber Threats With NetGain Technologies as Your IT Partner

Keeping your business safe from online threats is critical – small businesses are oftentimes forced to close following a major data breach.

As the threat of cloud malware continues to evolve, businesses must prioritize cybersecurity and partner with trusted MSPs to mitigate these risks effectively. With our proactive approach to cybersecurity and industry-leading solutions, we can help protect your business from malware and other online threats, ensuring peace of mind and continuity of operations.

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