Microsoft Copilot: Demonstrations and Open Q&A

Copilot is Microsoft’s innovative new AI tool, and they claim it will be “your everyday AI companion”.

How can you use Copilot as your executive assistant, and what are its capabilities?

This webinar dives into the many features and functions of Copilot and how the tool could help your business and day-to-day workflows. Copilot seamlessly integrates with popular Microsoft 365 applications, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Teams.

Technology experts from Pax8 and NetGain join forces in this webinar to share their insights about Copilot and how it can help bridge the gap between the common user and the power user.

Watch this webinar to:

  • Learn about the future of work with Microsoft Copilot.
  • Enhance your team’s productivity across Microsoft Office products.
  • Learn how to use Copilot for data analysis and email drafting.
  • Discover Microsoft’s focus on security within Copilot.

For even more information and resources about Copilot, visit:

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