The 6 Types of Managed IT Services

You may know what a managed service provider (MSP) is but what about the different types of managed services MSPs offer? What type of service is best for your business? Do you need on-site support from experienced engineers?

Let’s explore the different types of IT managed services, and how you can use them to propel your business forward.

On-Site Services

Sometimes referred to as “managed field services,” on-site support is when an experienced IT technician is dispatched to your business to provide direct assistance.

Generally, managed service providers monitor and manage engagements from start to finish. Common on-site services include:

  • Conducting site surveys
  • Deploying and maintaining new technologies
  • Installing network cabling or wireless networks
  • Repairing hardware, networks and infrastructure

Businesses often use on-site services to support local and remote offices. Some of the major benefits of on-site services are one-on-one support for IT issues and preventative maintenance services.

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End-User Support

End-user support services encompass a broad scope of managed service offerings, but focuses on an organization’s employees and customers. With different levels of support, end-users receive support covering:

  • Smart devices
  • Mobile devices
  • Operating systems
  • Cloud infrastructure

Small businesses often outsource their IT help desk services because they do not have the budget, expertise or infrastructure to support an in-house team. Outsourcing allows your business to free up internal IT teams to work on more revenue-focused projects.

Cloud Support

With the rapid rise of remote work, combined with how over 60 percent of all corporate data is stored in the cloud (up 30 percent from 2015), it’s clear that cloud services are a leading type of managed service.

Compared to traditional infrastructures, cloud infrastructure easily supports the growth and scaling of company services and processes. As a result, most businesses that master their digital transformation benefit from:

  • Improved cost savings
  • Stronger data backups and disaster recovery solutions
  • More predictable IT budgets for long-term cost reductions

Infrastructure Support

Your business may be bound by the limitations of your technology, infrastructure and IT talent.

Infrastructure management is a type of managed service most businesses cannot do without. As businesses grow more reliant on technology, existing infrastructure needs to support its processes, or your business could face decreasing productivity and efficiency.

Some of the most common infrastructure services include:

  • Data backups
  • Network security
  • Managed networks
  • Firewall-as-a-Service
  • Managed print services
  • Monitoring, reporting and data analytics

Using infrastructure managed services, businesses can maintain a high level of efficiency across their infrastructure and processes.

IT Security Services

Cyber threats continue to evolve, and so should your business.

Many small- and mid-size businesses turn to managed cybersecurity services to cover their security needs. Partnering with an experienced MSP can strengthen your data protection, elevate your security posture and discover and patch up lurking vulnerabilities.

Additional security services can help businesses mitigate risk through:

  • Threat hunting
  • Email security services
  • Security awareness training
  • Managed detection and response (MDR)

Application Support and Consulting

Technical support is another form of managed services. Technical support can include providing routine support for business applications (like Microsoft Office 365), strategizing upcoming IT projects, conducting technology assessments, and building large SharePoint sites.


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