The Top 7 Managed IT Services Challenges to Know for 2022 and Beyond

The world of technology is evolving exponentially.

In the coming decade, we will see twice as many technological inventions and improvements compared to the last decade. And in the decade after that, twice as many again…

If the pace of technology is moving so rapidly, how can businesses stay up-to-date with the changes? The answer is simple: turning to IT managed service providers (MSPs)

But, choose the wrong MSP and you can find yourself facing numerous IT managed services challenges.

To help you find quality services with your MSP of choice, this article explores the biggest challenges an MSP can face, based on the current technological climate and the demands of modern businesses.


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The 7 Biggest IT Managed Services Challenges in 2022

Here are some of the most common IT managed services challenges MSPs are facing today:

1. Not Being Able to Scale with Your Business

As your business grows, your managed IT services provider needs to be able to keep up. 

It’s important that your MSP’s service offering includes the ability to rapidly scale up (or down) depending on your business’s needs.Otherwise, you’ll quickly start to see issues with things like data breaches, downtime, and poor performance.

For example, if you experience sudden growth and need to expand your data storage capacity, your MSP should be agile enough to accommodate such change quickly.

Or differentially, maybe you’re closing your office and shifting to fully remote work, in which case your MSP should be able to pivot as well.

Unfortunately, many MSPs simply can’t keep up with the growth of their clients, leading to all sorts of problems down the line. Customer retention is a common industry issue; businesses are turning to MSPs that can fit the goals of their company in the long run.

2. Not Having the Latest Cybersecurity Tech

One of the biggest IT managed services provider challenges facing MSPs is the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats and security issues

New cyberattacks are being developed every day. It’s mission-critical that your MSP has access to the latest and greatest technology to protect your business. 

Protecting your data and information should be a mission-critical goal for your MSP. Unfortunately, many MSPs don’t have the resources to keep up with the latest cybersecurity trends, which can be a source of vulnerability for their clients.

3. Changes in Consumer Behavior

How consumers use technology has changed dramatically in recent years, and MSPs have had to change with them. 

As more employees are working remotely, there’s been an uptick in usage, VPNs and remote desktop access, and mobile device usage for work. MSPs have had to adapt to meet these new demands for flexible workplaces and workspaces.

A solid MSP will be agile and flexible enough to support your employees through workplace transitions, whether in the office or at home.


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4. Rapid Cloud Adoption

The cloud has revolutionized how businesses use technology, and MSPs have had to adapt their offerings to meet this demand. 

As more businesses move to the cloud (A.K.A. cloud migration), MSPs have had to expand their skills and support to include cloud services. This has been a challenge for many MSPs, as the cloud is a complex and ever-changing landscape.

The modern business environment is at the point where almost everyone uses the cloud in some way, whether they know it or not. A worthwhile MSP will not only be able to manage these cloud services, but also offer other, seamless cloud-based solutions that can save your organization money.

5. Poor Strategic Advice

Many MSPs simply don’t have the experience or expertise to provide their clients with the strategic advice they need. 

This can lead to problems down the line, as businesses make decisions without taking into account the long-term implications. Technology road mapping can be a big challenge for MSPs who don’t have the qualified staff to provide insights for businesses with complex IT infrastructures and configurations.

6. The Same Issues Keep Appearing

Technology can be complex at times. When issues arise, it’s important to understand how they happened in the first place. Otherwise, history is doomed to repeat itself.

If you find yourself repeatedly confronted with the same IT problems, then it’s likely a failure on the part of your MSP. This may be related to an oversight in their remote monitoring services or a lack of ability to discern an overall pattern from service tickets.

At this point, you’ll want to reassess your partnership, especially if mission-critical operations are being interrupted or adversely affected.

IT Managed Services Challenges


7. Slow Response Times and Unresolved Tickets

For IT issues needing remediation, an IT help desk is the first point of contact. They can diagnose and resolve technical issues or escalate them should they prove too complex. 

This service is key to running a smooth operation because it allows employees to overcome productivity hurdles quickly.

However, if help desk wait times seem to be getting longer or service delivery is slowing down, this may be a sign that your MSP is putting more energy into scaling their business rather than maintaining it. In other words, they care more about attracting new clients than servicing existing ones. 

Working with MSPs: Finding the Best Fit for You

These are just a few of the IT managed services challenges MSPs are facing today. With the ever-changing landscape of technology, it’s more important than ever to make sure that your MSP is aligning their practices with trends in the industry.

Here at NetGain Technologies, we have the experience, expertise and capabilities to provide you with everything you need in a managed IT service provider.

With us, you can expect a valuable collaboration, with guaranteed services that are sure to meet your ever-changing IT needs. Contact us today for a free consultation and let us determine what your specific business needs are.

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