Microsoft Copilot: Demos and Expert Q&A

In the dynamic world of technology, new advancements offer exciting possibilities for businesses to innovate and excel. Among these innovations, Microsoft Copilot shines as a beacon of efficiency and collaboration, powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning.  

Microsoft Copilot represents a major leap forward in how businesses can harness the power of artificial intelligence. AI is continually pitched as the means to streamline operations and drive innovation. By integrating into existing workflows, Copilot serves as a versatile assistant, empowering teams to accomplish tasks with  efficiency and precision. Whether generating code, providing context-aware suggestions, or facilitating collaboration across teams, Copilot is a force multiplier. It can enable businesses to do more in less time. 

Overview of the Webinar 

Let’s begin by recapping the insightful discussions and key takeaways from our recent Copilot demo webinar. This session, part of NetGain’s ongoing series surrounding Microsoft Copilot, focused on the practical applications of Microsoft Copilot.

In our first webinar surrounding Copilot, we dive into the general features and functions of the tool. Feedback from attendees suggested we needed to offer opportunity to address more specific use cases. Read on to learn about Copilot working in different business environments. We even offer open Q&A time to address questions business leaders like you may have. 

Walker Roe, a Microsoft Certified Subject Matter Expert from Pax 8, and Noah Fister, NetGain’s Training & Development Manager, offer this Copilot demo as a means of education for many types of users. Their interaction with webinar attendees in the Q&A session showcase how Copilot can serve as a virtual executive assistant. Continue reading on to learn how our webinar takeaways can apply to your business.

Copilot Demo: The Capabilities of Copilot for Microsoft 365 

Copilot Word Integration    

In this video, Noah Fister demonstrates a Copilot demo for drafting documents from scratch. By requesting a draft of fake meeting notes, Copilot could generate a detailed document that included participants, an agenda, and action items, all crafted from the provided keywords. 

Copilot Excel Integration  

Walker Roe  explained how Copilot could perform complex data analysis, such as identifying the best-performing products over a lifetime and requesting deeper discounts from suppliers. This demonstration highlighted Copilot’s ability to interpret large datasets and generate actionable business insights. 

Copilot Outlook Integration    

Noah Fister showcased in this Copilot demo, how to streamline email management in Outlook. By simply typing a request to draft an email about an upcoming team-building event, Copilot was able to create a friendly and detailed email invitation, including emojis and appropriate formatting, demonstrating its utility in everyday administrative tasks. 

Your Questions + The Expert’s Answers

  • Question: What is the best feature or the feature that you get the most usefulness out of in your opinion? 
    • Answer: “I personally get the most use out of Copilot for Microsoft 365 Chat. This is like Bing chat, but with the ability to reference files within the Dataverse stored inside of your company.” -Noah Fister  
  • Question: Does everyone in a Microsoft Teams meeting need to have Office 365 Copilot subscription in order to utilize the following meeting? 
    • Answer: No, the meeting organizer would need to have a Copilot license, while the rest of the attendees do not.  
  • Question: Can Copilot summarize a meeting that has a combination of remote and in person attendees? 
    • Answer: Yes, it can, however, Team’s premium is a required add-in if you want the live summarizing functionality to be fully fleshed out. This will tell you exactly who said what with live tracking. Without Teams premium, you would only receive a generic transcript. You could load the transcript into Copilot, and it would give you next steps, action items, or draft a follow-up email.  
  • Question: Do documents have to be in SharePoint or OneDrive for Copilot to be able to reference them? 
    • Answer: Yes, the reasoning for this is that Microsoft has to be able to access the files and the documents. Files need to be shared or saved somewhere that Microsoft has access to, such as SharePoint or OneDrive.  
  • Question: If you have security on a shared document, at the document level by user, will this prevent Copilot users from getting these documents?  
    • Answer: Yes, document security will supersede anything else. For example, if a document is stored in a user’s personal OneDrive and is uploaded into Copilot, any other users would still need to request access to the document before being able to access it either in OneDrive or Copilot.  

Concluding Thoughts 

This Copilot demo webinar demonstrates how the tool can act as your very own virtual executive assistant. It handles routine tasks and allows you to focus on more strategic activities. Additionally, by automating mundane tasks, Copilot streamlines operations and boosts productivity. 

Microsoft Copilot is poised to redefine how businesses operate and innovate. From its integration into Microsoft 365 applications to its ability to enhance productivity and collaboration, Copilot represents a paradigm shift in leveraging artificial intelligence for business success. As we look ahead, the potential for Copilot to drive efficiency, foster creativity, and accelerate progress is limitless. As a result, by embracing this new tool, businesses can not only stay ahead of the curve but also pave the way for future innovation. 

For more information and additional resources surrounding Microsoft Copilot, check out NetGain’s Copilot Information and Resources Page: 

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