Benefits of Cloud Computing for Remote Work

Cloud computing has been around for some time; however, businesses over the past few years have really begun to take advantage of the benefits of cloud applications.

Historically there were concerns around security, Private vs. Public cloud, and more. Now, with the many benefits of cloud computing and applications like Microsoft Office 365 becoming increasingly common, businesses are fully utilizing the benefits of cloud computing.

Ninety-four percent of organizations are using cloud services today, according to Flexera. Sixty percent of North American enterprises now use public cloud platforms, versus 12% just five years ago, according to Computerworld. There’s no better time to be utilizing this aspect of technology, as businesses move to remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Why are many businesses taking advantage?

Five Benefits of Cloud Computing For Remote Work

Remote Work Is Flexible, And Your Business Can Be Too

One of the main benefits of cloud computing is that utilizing the cloud means that your information can be accessed from nearly anywhere. Cloud computing is much more agile of a method than on-premise data storage, in which you have physical servers at your offices that hold your information. Many applications and software are now cloud-based, which means that they can be accessed from anywhere as well. This allows employees to work remotely in a similar fashion to how they would operate in the office. And now, more than ever, your technology needs to be able to support your business as seamlessly as possible no matter your physical location.

Cloud Services Are Secure

While it may be a common misconception that cloud services are not highly secure, they actually have many security measures in place. There are access management tools for cloud services, so that you can ensure only specified employees, who you have determined need access, are able to log into that cloud service. By utilizing access management for your cloud computing, you can limit who is able to view and possibly influence your information.

Ease of Collaboration

There are many cloud platforms, such as Microsoft Teams and Dropbox, that are specifically built for collaboration. Files can be easily shared and discussed on these platforms. Additionally, ease of access to cloud files means that even if you don’t use applications like Microsoft Teams, it is still simple to facilitate remote collaboration. You may worry about how your employees can communicate while working separately from each other, but with cloud technology, this issue is minimized.

Scalability and Cost

During an unprecedented event such as this pandemic, budget is top of mind for everyone. Cloud computing makes it very easy to increase or decrease your storage quickly compared to on-premise storage. This also means you can adapt your storage needs to be cost effective, which is useful in this time of crisis. Furthermore, utilizing cloud storage over on-premise can help to reduce costs, as your I.T. staff can often identify ways to reduce the number of servers you need, and cloud services reduce capital expenditures, as there are no large, costly projects involved like there are with on-premise storage. Every business is paying close attention to their bottom line during this pandemic, and cloud computing can contribute to a more cost-effective operation.

Remote Desktops Can Be Cloud Based

While some may not be aware, remote desktops are connected to certain cloud services, such as Microsoft Azure. Virtual Desktop Interfaces, or VDI, were not utilized as highly before due to high cost, complexity, and sub-optimal end user experience. However, with the introduction of a cloud-based virtual desktop, costs are reduced, it is easier to deploy, and it features an improved user experience. Utilizing this technology means users can access their desktop from anywhere exactly as it would be at the office.

Many businesses are taking advantage of cloud computing benefits. It allows your business to adapt in many areas to the constantly changing world we live in today.

Considering taking advantage of Cloud solutions? If you would like assistance implementing, securing, or managing cloud services, contact us. We are happy to help.

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