Why your CXO team—not the IT guy—is responsible for technology

Find out how you can ensure your executive team is positioning your organization to prevail now and in the future

This comprehensive whitepaper explores the C-level leader’s relationship with technology and its effects on growth and profitability.

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  • Why effective IT oversight is a challenge for directors who aren’t IT experts. (Separating this process into phases makes the task easier to approach!)
  • How technology is disrupting business models, including on-demand supply, contextual shopping, and sustainable consumption. (Technology is disrupting your business model!)
  • Why most competitive organizations understand process improvement can increase quality, reduce costs, and provide a competitive advantage—but they still may not be as successful as they would like. (The primary reason these organizations struggle is they lack sufficient standards, policies, and processes for IT There is a direct link between high operational maturity and profitability.)
  • If you have the right processes in place for technology to drive your business success. (Maybe it’s time to rethink your strategy. Here’s why.)
  • What options exist for C-level leaders to learn more about the technology that drives their company. (An executive workshop is one—and it’s probably not what you think.)

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