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What Will You Learn?

Within recent years, cloud has skyrocketed as a part of IT infrastructure. As data and applications continue to migrate to the cloud, changing traffic patterns drive the need for a new approach to networking and security. With this shift, organizations must evolve to meet the needs of their businesses. Enterprises need speed, visibility, security and reliability without compromise. Enter, the secure access service edge, better known as SASE.

The integration of Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager with the Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN edge platform augments application intelligence by adding identity knowledge of users, IoT devices, roles, and security posture to form the basis of a SASE WAN edge.

Join NetGain and Aruba for a secure access server edge webinar, as we discuss how you can meet the needs of your changing environment. Learn how to:

• Provide a consistent and automated definition of roles that can be enforced network-wide
• Eliminate the complexity of implementing hundreds of VLANs for each class of user and device
• Dramatically simplify network administration and management
• View threats across the network

SASE combines cloud security, the zero trust model, and SD-WAN to protect your cloud solutions. By using the SASE architecture, you can be more flexible, simplify the security burden on your IT staff, and have deep network visibility, all so you can keep your data secure and prevent unapproved access to your environment.

Why Watch the Secure Access Server Edge Webinar?

Watch this secure access server edge webinar if:

  • You have lots of data and applications in the cloud
  • You have recently shifted to a remote work or hybrid model, with employees working from many locations
  • You want to understand how to secure your cloud information in an easy, streamlined way

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