The 5 Major Benefits of IT Consulting

benefits of it consulting
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Outsourcing your information technology department is one way to ensure your company is always running smoothly and efficiently. Outsourcing gives your company access to industry expertise and a talent pool that is designed to save your bottom line so that you can concentrate on your core business.

Outsourced IT providers play a critical role in a company’s success because they can provide best-in-class functionality to clients for less than it would cost the clients to build internally.

What are IT Consulting Services?

IT consultants help clients plan, design, install and support the technology used by the organization, inclusive of network/cloud infrastructure, security, etc. and across end-user devices.

The benefits of consulting in IT are ideal for small businesses and medium-size businesses, fully managing a business’ IT needs from strategy and proactive support to reactive and on-site support. 

Additional benefits of hiring an IT consulting service includes expert IT support and proactive services that improve efficiencies and business outcomes and gains peace of mind.

NetGain’s Director of Professional Services John Adams has compiled the top 5 major benefits of IT consulting services.  

What are the Benefits of Hiring IT Consulting Services?

1. Cost and Time Savings

benefits of it consulting
John Adams, NetGain Director of Professional Services.

By having an IT consulting firm handle your IT, you don’t have to commit to a full-time employee and supply 401k, PTO, health benefits and other opportunity costs. In addition to being cost effective, you will have a reliable resource available to assist you 24/7/365. 

Most small and medium-sized businesses don’t have enough work for a full-time IT employee, or IT team, and end up paying their IT employees even though they are not actively working on IT issues. 

What are the benefits of hiring IT consulting services? With an IT firm handling your technology needs, you are paying for what you need, when you need it, without all the hassle of having another employee on your books.

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2. Enhanced Focus on the Core Business

One of the benefits of an IT consultant is that you focus on your business and what you do best while the IT consulting firm focuses on the technology solutions of your business and what they do best.

Businesses often attempt to handle their IT internally with an unofficial IT resource to save money. This can make sense on the first layer, but the amount of time lost from improperly executed IT work bleeds your resources time and takes their focus off their main duties at your business. 

The benefits of hiring IT consultants: the consulting firm you partner with can make your technology work so well that IT issues are not on your mind, enabling you to focus on your business.

3. Identifying Critical Areas of Improvement

IT firms have experience in various technical environments in multiple types of business. The knowledge IT firms gain by working in different industries and different environments will benefit you. 

Instead of having an internal IT with only a couple perspectives, you have a team of engineers that can use their vast experience to recommend new changes that can positively affect your IT and business processes. You may never know if a technical process in a healthcare business could possibly benefit your financial business. 

IT firms have seen technology being used in different businesses and are constantly using that expertise and experience to recommend and implement technology that will help your business run more efficiently.

4. Benefit From Experience and Expertise

Among the many benefits of IT consultants are their experience and expertise. IT consulting companies have a wide range of talent in their fold. Seasoned and experienced engineers spread their knowledge to the rest of the engineers to provide insight on implementation struggles, troubleshooting techniques and methods to quickly resolve any issue.

This provides an even more well-rounded team of engineers that can resolve your issues quickly. Not to mention the ability for engineers to have a team of senior engineers behind them to assist with solutions or any problems that may arise.

benefits of it consulting
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5. Increased Security, Software Maintenance and Support

Most IT consulting companies have security departments and deep relationships with large partners like Microsoft, HPE, Arctic Wolf, etc. 

If you wish to increase your security footprint, it is much easier to go with your current IT provider as they are already familiar with your infrastructure, users, and business model, and can provide an ideal solution that fits your needs. 

IT consultants often have partnerships with technology companies, and can offer better pricing and get expedited support when needed. Having one company that can handle your networks, systems, software maintenance and security is ideal for business relations and accounting purposes.

How IT Consulting Helps You Stay Competitive

Some business owners consider adding to their in-house staff instead of hiring an IT consultant, technology service provider or managed service provider because they may not be familiar with how the process works. Companies understand the role of a full-time employee much better than a mysteriously titled “consultant.”

However, strategically bringing on an IT consultant can be a cost-effective way to save time and money. A consultant can add a tremendous amount of value so that your company remains competitive. With the right consultant, companies can add a missing skill set when they need it, for as long as they need it, saving money in the process. 

For example, if there is no one in the company with the necessary level of experience or depth of knowledge for a particular role or project, it’s time to bring on a consultant. 

Let’s assume you were trying to assess the cost of cybersecurity and disaster recovery and no one on your team had done that before. In order to gain peace of mind, this would be an excellent opportunity to consider bringing on a cybersecurity consultant with experience and expertise for this particular project.

When hiring an IT consultant, you want to find the right person for your business. You should not only focus on the specific expertise a consultant has, but look for someone who fits within the culture of your organization.

Bring the Benefits of IT Consulting Services to Your Business

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Bring Experience and Expertise to Your Business With an IT Consultant

When looking for the right consultant, one with experience and expertise, it’s also important to define your goals ahead of time, and not just over the next quarter, but the next few years. What kind of support are you going to need? Do you just want to maintain short term, long term or do you need someone strategic, to help you with forward-looking advice?

If you make the decision to hire an IT consultant, start by researching a few companies to see which one is the right fit. It’s important to take this decision seriously to ensure you are hiring the right firm, and therefore the right consultant, to support you. 

By asking some important questions, such as inquiring about the firm’s retention rate and how they describe their culture, you will gain a better understanding of what they stand for. You want a firm and a consultant who doesn’t approach their clients with a one-size-fits-all mentality.

As a leading MSP, NetGain offers IT consulting services that influence informed decisions about technology while ensuring your business has a trusted partner to propel your IT projects forward. 

For more information about how your business can reap the benefits of IT consulting services, contact us today.

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