The Definitive vCSO Guide

Why the vCSO is the newest member of the C-suite at hundreds of risk-averse companies

Every company has important data that drives their business. A data breach is not only expensive—it also harms your company’s reputation.

The evolving challenges posed by today’s cybercriminals require advanced training and skills, as well as a dedicated focus to help secure your organization’s digital assets.

Companies often assume these responsibilities fall under the aegis of an I.T. staff person. However, dedicated I.T. support staff lack the time and resources to keep up with the challenges of modern cybersecurity.

In this definitive guide to the vCSO (virtual chief security officer) Scott Logan identifies the C-suite role of a dedicated security executive. He covers the industries most affected by security concerns, what to look for in a vCSO service, and how SMBs are obtaining this valuable resource without committing to a full-time internal CSO. Logan is a recognized cybersecurity expert and social engineering thought leader with a three-decade record of successful I.T., audit, and security engagements.

The definitive guide to the virtual Chief Information Officer (vCSO)

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