NetGainIT’s online security service posts 100th alert

Tuesday, December 22, 2015 – NetGain Technologies announced today its security alerts service is on pace to surpass 100 security alerts in 2015. The managed IT services provider (MSP) launched its Security Alerts service in January, featuring the alerts on its homepage. The service archives recent network and internet vulnerabilities and security-related software update notices.

The company offers the service free to all users as a public benefit. Many of the security alerts featured on the site address phishing scams, malware, and software vulnerabilities that allow remote attackers to take control of an affected system. Each NetGain alert briefly identifies a security concern and includes links to additional details and remediation requirements. Recent alerts include software updates for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple iTunes and Safari, Microsoft Windows, Adobe Flash Player, and systems affected by the Dorkbot botnet.

Additional educational alerts issued in the past month have focused on security concerns about Dell consumer personal computers, threats of cyber attacks on law enforcement and public officials, and an IRS series about tax-related internet vulnerabilities.

NetGain Technologies offers the alerts in conjunction with US-CERT (United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team); the Department of Homeland Security; and software, hardware, and services providers.

In December, the alerts system received an upgrade to archive historic alerts on the site. Previously, security alerts were available on NetGain Technologies’ site for one to three days before cycling off to make room for new alerts. Scott Logan, technical director of security at the company, sees value in the archive ( that now houses all published alerts. “Building a library of recent security alerts—along with information about fixing the issues—makes our existing service even more beneficial,” Logan said. “It becomes an important resource for our clients and readers to quickly identify reported weaknesses in the systems and softwares they’re using. I’ve pointed our managed security clients to the archives to explain some of our remediation efforts. I encourage business professionals to refer to the service for their personal computers and mobile devices in addition to their business networks.”

All security alerts from 2015 are available in the archive, and future alerts will be housed there. Additionally, readers may continue to access the most recent security alerts on the homepage.

NetGain Technologies developed into one of the world’s top managed IT services providers by creating solutions for business problems. The company has served small businesses in the region since 1984 from its Lexington, Ky., headquarters, and has branch offices in Chattanooga, Tenn.; St. Louis, Mo.; Little Rock, Ark.; Louisville, Ky.; and Cincinnati, Ohio. An industry-leading, secure network operations center staffed by more than 85 technicians and engineers—with more than 250 combined technical certifications—forms the core of Technology OneSource, the company’s award-winning managed IT services package for small and midsize businesses. NetGain Technologies is SOC 2-certified, enabling the company to deliver a best-in-class service while maintaining confidentiality, privacy, processing integrity, availability, and security.


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