Press Release: Client Advisory Councils Guide NetGain Technologies’ Growth as I.T. Services Leader

NetGain hosts annual advisory councils in three regions; uses client suggestions to focus business goals


Lexington, Ky. (September 29, 2017) — For NetGain Technologies, regional advisory councils are roundtable gatherings of top-level executives. Their purpose is to provide an outside perspective on NetGain’s adherence to its stated goals and mission. Regional advisory council members advise NetGain’s executive team on matters related to client satisfaction and business process improvements that could lead to happier clients.

I read one time that great companies don’t let themselves get captivated by their solutions and services,” said Jason Jacobson, CEO of NetGain Technologies. “Instead, they fall in love with ‘adding value to our clients.’ That’s the company we strive to be. Listening as our clients tell us what they need is how we’re achieving it.

NetGain hosts councils in three regions, each with C-level leadership representing five or six clients of the managed I.T. services provider (MSP). Taking place yearly in June and July, the councils meet in Missouri, Arkansas, and Tennessee. NetGain asks executives from current clients to serve a three-year term. Participating clients achieve a better understanding of NetGain’s goals and are able to influence its service priorities. Additionally, they receive a services credit during their council tenure, and an appreciation gift upon completion of their term.

Attending each meeting, in addition to council members, are NetGain’s local branch office manager and two or three of NetGain’s executive leadership team.

Jacobson said the council agenda starts the same in every region, but client feedback varies widely by region and vertical. “Recognize each market may be different. We don’t try to lead the conversations to match our desired outcome,” Jacobson said. At the council meetings, “if we listen, we hear from them where their markets are going, what they need from us, what our competitors are doing, how we can improve.

Council meetings typically start at 8:30 a.m. and conclude at 3 p.m. on a weekday. The morning begins with breakfast and welcome for new members. Committee members review the previous year’s meeting notes along with NetGain’s one-page strategic plan. Members then share a summary of the challenges and accomplishments they’ve experienced in the past year.

After a social lunch, leaders from NetGain’s internal team address council members about advances and challenges in Technology OneSource, the company’s flagship managed I.T. services program, as well as provide topical updates about security services, marketing campaigns, and professional service offerings.

The meeting concludes with a survey and discussion of topics to include in the next annual meeting. “Every council meeting ends with action items,” Jacobson said. “We always have a list of improvements, and our council expects to be apprised of our progress. A great example is how we rebranded our service organization this summer. Our Client Success Team was borne from what our advisory councils were telling us. We’re now more client-centric in our internal team structure.

NetGain also conducts a similar National Advisory Council, comprised of top client executives from all markets.


NetGain Technologies developed into one of the world’s top managed I.T. services providers by creating solutions for business problems. The company has served small and midsize businesses in the region since 1984 from its Lexington, Ky., headquarters, and has branch offices in Louisville, Ky.; Little Rock, Ark.; Chattanooga, Tenn.; Cincinnati, Ohio; and St. Louis, Mo. An industry-leading, secure network operations center staffed by more than 85 technicians and engineers—with more than 250 combined technical certifications—forms the core of Technology OneSource, the company’s award-winning managed IT services package for small and midsize businesses. NetGain Technologies is SOC 2 Type II-certified, enabling the company to deliver a best-in-class service while maintaining confidentiality, privacy, processing integrity, availability, and security. For additional information on NetGain Technologies, visit


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