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Why choose NetGain Technologies for Mobile Device Management?

  • Automate processes from onboarding to deprovisioning of devices using predefined and contextual policies.
  • True multi-OS management. We support all operating systems and devices.
  • Configure devices, apps, corporate data, browser settings, and network restrictions to fortify endpoints and prevent data leakage.
  • Lock down devices to a single or specific set of apps while restricting device functionality and customizing the home screen.
  • Receive support 24/7 and have queries resolved fast by qualified IT professionals.
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Simplify Device Lifecycle Management with Ease

Our MDM services automate onboarding to deprovisioning, tailoring device access to roles for streamlined operations and heightened security.

Reduce IT workload, errors, and ensure policy compliance for efficient, secure device management.

Rely on our MDM solutions for smooth operations and data security.

Mobile Device Management
User-Friendly User Addition

Our comprehensive solutions allow seamless device setup for new employees, app sharing, and password changes for all at once.

Employees can easily sign in for setup, whether local or remote, and enroll existing devices effortlessly.

Easily create user groups based on various criteria and import users from other platforms with ease.

Track and Analyze Performance

Remotely monitor and report on device usage, location data, and performance.

Optimize policies, reduce costs, and enhance productivity with insightful data.

Receive alerts on data usage limits and address security threats promptly.

Mobile Device Management
Mobile Device Management
Secure Your Business Effectively

Ensure security with password enforcement, remote wipe/lock, and access control.

Keep devices updated with the latest software patches for enhanced security.

Monitor device activity to detect and alert potential security threats promptly.

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What features and capabilities does mobile device management software offer?

The features of Mobile Device Management software typically include device enrollment, application and security management, monitoring, content management, and remote support. Advanced options may offer containerization, geofencing, and remote wipe functionalities, varying based on the selected package and provider.

How can mobile device management software enhance productivity, security, and cost-effectiveness?

Mobile Device Management enhances productivity by streamlining support, enforcing security policies, and optimizing costs. It reduces data usage and security risks, all while being compatible with various devices and operating systems.

Is mobile device management software compatible with all mobile devices and operating systems?

Mobile Device Management software is designed to work with various mobile devices and operating systems like iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. It supports smartphones, tablets, and laptops, enabling businesses to manage and secure all their devices efficiently.

What support and training are available for starting with mobile device management?

Mobile Device Management providers offer various support resources like tutorials, webinars, and forums. They also provide phone/email support and professional services for implementation and training.

What factors influence the cost of mobile device management software?

The cost of Mobile Device Management software depends on the vendor, number of devices, and features. Pricing models vary from per-device to subscription-based. Factors like support level, solution complexity, customization, and additional features affect pricing.

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