Message from the CEO: July 2020

2020 2.0

As we continue to work through this unprecedented time in our history, we are constantly having to modify the typical ways of operating in our daily lives, both in and out of the workplace.

We have made the NetGain theme for Q3 “2020 2.0”, identifying the second half of 2020 as an opportunity to rebuild and strengthen ourselves after such times of change and uncertainty. Despite having to work remotely for longer than we may have anticipated in order to keep everyone safe and healthy, I am proud of the way every employee at NetGain continues to maintain their professionalism and productivity.

Many businesses fundamentally transformed their operations and workplaces during this time, whether it is due to an extended time period of remote work (some businesses have even decided to keep portions of employees remote permanently), or implementing new policies to keep employees safe in the workplace. We both understand and want to assist businesses as they adapt to the new world we are in.

Continuing to Move Forward

While we are not out of the woods with this novel virus yet, and every new death is a tragic loss, we must continue to work hard and make progress through this difficult time. Despite having to adapt to a brand new way of doing business every day, NetGain was able to achieve all the quarterly goals we set for ourselves in Q2, including improving our Quarterly Business Review process to better serve clients, adding additional security protection with our vendor Arctic Wolf, and adapting our Marketing strategy in order to have a greater digital presence. Thanks to hard work from every individual on the team for helping us to achieve these goals.

In the second quarter, we also implemented a new and improved simple survey tool, SmileBack, to better understand how we are serving clients on a daily basis. We are helping clients leverage new technology solutions such as cloud storage and security solutions, implementing new cloud and security deals this past quarter and moving into the third quarter. These measures will allow client businesses to be as efficient, effective, and secure as possible.

This past quarter, we were named to the CRN MSP 500 Elite 150 list for a 6th consecutive year, and were named to the CRN Solutions Providers 500 list. This is thanks to the hard work of NetGain employees, as well as our strong partnerships with our clients and vendors.

All of these achievements make me proud to be a part of the NetGain team, and give me confidence that we can continue to push forward in the face of any challenges thrown our way.

NetGain Honors and Recognition Q2 2020

Recognition for outstanding work by employees goes to:

• Professional Services Sales: Wayne Logan
• MRR Sales: Wayne Ebersohl
• Finance & Administration: Karaline Wood
• TOS Engineer: Chris Ruck
• Client Success: Deuce Towe
• Professional Services: Robin Fischer
• Tactical Operations: Dustin Cook
• Sales Support: Alex Featherstone
• North Carolina Branch: Ian White

Challenging the Status Quo as We Move to Q3

There is one theme I have been consistently echoing to the entire NetGain team since March. Right now is a perfect time to challenge our assumptions. We should be looking for anywhere we can improve or change the way we have always done things. Our world does not look the same as it did in January, and as such, we should adapt by challenging the operational norm. Whether this means finding a new process or idea for your organization, or finding new ways to contribute to the community around you, now is the time to examine how we can all improve. As we move into this next quarter, I hope everyone continues to stay safe and healthy.

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