Message from the CEO – July 2019

NetGain continues to make big changes to evolve its growth trajectory, improve services and solutions based on the technology needs of our clients, and improve company culture through new employee benefits. In this update, I will share information on our:

  • CEO Transition
  • New Essential Security offering
  • Managed services accolades
  • Company culture & honors
  • Internal honors and recognition for Q2 2019

Announcing CEO Transition

NetGain Technologies Announces Chief Executive Transition - Tim Burke
New NetGain Technologies CEO Tim Burke

Earlier this month, NetGain made an important announcement to our clients and the media. NetGain welcomed its fourth CEO in 35 years, Tim Burke. I will support Tim through a transition period and then consult on an as needed basis.

The leadership transition was agreed upon prior to completing the recent investment by Evergreen Services Group.  It was a very personal decision on our part, but my brother and I chose to follow our family’s long tradition of entrepreneurship and pursue new ventures outside of NetGain. Tim will be stewarding the investment by Evergreen via organic sales as well as a renewed focus on acquisitions.

Rest assured, just as NetGain has successfully transitioned leadership three times before, it will do so again. Our partner, Evergreen Services Group, is a financing partner who will invest in and grow NetGain as a platform company. For our valuable clients, this means “business as usual” because the key to our success is the 120-member team that supports you each and every day – that will not change. Evergreen Services Group is invested in our employees, our leadership team, and our new CEO Tim.

I want to personally thank you for your business and support during this 35th year of business as we look forward to another 35!

Essential Security Offering

IT security is a concern for all business leaders. We know a cyber security breach occurs every 39 seconds, according to University of Maryland Center for Risk & Reliability. More than 6 billion business records have been stolen since 2013 (Clark School Study). Companies across the region, who have been exploited by cyber criminals, engage NetGain to help them recover from these heinous attacks.

Realizing the level of risk threshold differs per company, and sometimes regulated per industry, NetGain introduced a new Essential Security offering to provide comprehensive security solutions and services for businesses to maintain a minimal level of risk. This offering includes:

  1. Experienced virtual chief security officer (VCSO) consulting to provide oversight and recommendations to improve the organizations security posture,
  2. Social awareness programs to provide on-going security testing and training to equip employees with the defense knowledge required to prevent attacks,
  3. Quarterly security assessments to evaluate current assets deployed in the environment for vulnerabilities,
  4. A structured incident response program to ensure a fast and efficient recovery when needed, and,
  5. Email protection that includes email encryption and protection against ransomware, spam, and phishing attacks.

Plus, there are additional services depending on your industry and organizational structure. To learn more about the offering, download our essential security data sheet (

On-demand webinars on security are also available at: Here you will find security webinars presented by NetGain’s Technical Director of Security Scott Logan:

  1. “Secure Your Business Against Cyber Threats” – an excellent overview of cybersecurity and the simple, proactive, and cost-effective measures that every organization should implement.
  2. “Ransomware: The Impact to Your Business” – an excellent overview of what happens when a ransomware attack occurs, and provides best practices and preventative techniques that you can begin to put in place immediately.

IT security is a topic at every board meeting, every executive meeting, and every management level meeting today. It is not just a conversation being had by your IT manager. Prepare your organization and do not become another statistic.

Managed Services Provider Accolades

Last quarter, we shared NetGain Technologies was named to CRN®’s 2019 Managed Service Provider (MSP) 500 list, in the Elite 150 category, and their 2019 Tech Elite 250 list.


This quarter, NetGain was recognized by another industry-leading organization as a world’s top 100 premier managed service provider on the prestigious 12th-annual Channel Futures MSP 501 rankings. NetGain has been awarded this honor since 2008 and consistently ranks in the top 100. This recognition confirms NetGain’s leadership in the market as the best-in-class IT services and solution provider in the South Central U.S.

Read more about this recognition at

Company Culture & Honors

During my time at NetGain in our family business, culture has been the thing that has made me the most excited. While I may be moving on to the next chapter in my life, NetGain continues to focus on being the workplace of a lifetime, where great people come to work together and create happy clients through effective managed service solutions. As such, NetGain Technologies was proud to announce it was named as a Best Place to Work in Kentucky, an honor received since 2015, which earned the company a place in the Hall of Fame.

Along with this honor, NetGain announced an open PTO policy where employees can take off as much time as needed. This provides flexibility to our employees to deal with regular, everyday life situations, while also achieving their goals of success professionally.


Honors and Recognition in Q2 2019

Quarterly awards for outstanding team member efforts went to:

  • Sales-Professional Services: Wayne Logan
  • Finance and Administrative: Shelly LaRue
  • Technology OneSource Engineer: Graham Young
  • Professional Services Engineer: Dustin Nichols
  • Tactical Operations Team: Spencer Hall
  • Client Success: Deuce Towe
  • Sales Support: Shannon Neal


Founded by my grandfather in 1984, NetGain Technologies has become the largest managed IT services provider in the South Central U.S. Our focus to create happy clients through effective managed service solutions and to create a workplace of a lifetime continues.  In a constant pursuit of a better way, we will always continue to evolve with the needs of our clients and prospective clients. Personally, I am excited for the bright future of NetGain Technologies.  I thank each of you for allowing me and our company to serve you.  I know Tim Burke will continue on our legacy of growth and excellent client service.

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