Managed Detection and Response
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Evolve Your Cybersecurity Defense Strategy

As the threat landscape evolves, so must your defense strategy. Industry experts explain that there is no such thing as perfect security, and what companies need is the ability to identify and remediate targeted attacks that have bypassed traditional perimeter defenses. Enter Managed Detection and Response.

NetGain’s Security and CISSP certified expert Scott Logan and Arctic Wolf’s Senior Systems Engineer Tim Smoot came together in this webinar to take a deep dive into Managed Detection and Response. They discussed the current threat landscape, how Managed Detection and Response (MDR) helps organizations mitigate threats in their networks, where MDR fits in the overall security technology stack, and more.

Managed Detection and Response

Why Watch the Webcast?

  • You are concerned about the business impact of cyberattacks and regulatory requirements
  • You are concerned about your IT team’s ability to deliver on business security objectives
  • You are concerned about the flood of alerts and time it takes to accomplish security tasks

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