International Crisis & Cyber Crime – Keeping Your Business Safe

What Will You Learn?

The international crisis is expected to create many problems for organizations as foreign hackers look to conduct malware attacks on businesses. How can you keep your business safe from international cyber threats?

Join NetGain’s Essential Security Expert, Scott Logan and Artic Wolf’s Sales Engineer, Jon Halar as they discuss everything you need to know about the international crisis and its affects on cyber security.

Included in this webinar:

  • Russia’s malware attack on Ukraine
  • How overseas conflicts affect global business
  • How firewalls are being attacked by sleepers
  • How reporting cyber attacks helps U.S. government respond to hacks
  • Cyber security best practices
  • Frequently asked questions

Why Watch The International Crisis & Cyber Crime Webinar?

Watch this webinar if:

  • You want to understand how the Russia-Ukraine conflict affects business
  • You want to learn about how firewalls are attacked by routers called sleepers
  • You want to understand how overseas conflicts affect global business
  • You want learn about the new legislation requiring companies to report cyber attacks
  • Your organization wants to learn the best practices to protect data from cyber attacks

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