The Horrors of Cybersecurity

What Will You Learn?

Did you know most hackers need 5 hours or less to break into enterprise environments?

Don’t let security threats keep you up at night! Understand what cyber schemes are haunting your organization as NetGain’s Security Team recounts tales of digital threats and phishing scams facing businesses like yours.

This spooky webinar explores what cyber threats are haunting small and large businesses alike. Join NetGain’s Security Team, in a thrilling story time about:
  • Demons After Your Data
  • Phishing Phantoms
  • MFA Monsters
  • Ransomware Rampages
  • And More!

Watch this webinar if:

  • You want to learn more about the current cyber threat landscape
  • You want to understand more about the methods cybercriminals are using to hack networks and steal data
  • You are interested in learning about security techniques that can help ward of hackers and spammers coming for your data

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