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  • Real-time and up-to-date Hardware Asset Tracking for all of your company devices
  • Mobile Device Management to remotely monitor, optimize and secure phones
  • Complete lifecycle management and support for your company devices
  • Proactive hardware asset management strategy that manages the overall lifecycle of your IT assets
  • Maximize the use of your IT investments and make sure that they are implemented and used seamlessly
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Hardware Asset Management
Effortless Asset Management for Seamless Operations.

Proper hardware asset management reduces lifecycle costs, aiding budget forecasts. Efficient asset management minimizes time and expenses in identifying new hardware needs. Implementing successful hardware asset management yields financial and time benefits.

Streamline Hardware Cycle to Boost Profits.

End-user hardware constitutes a significant portion of the IT budget, surpassing other IT expenses like servers and security. Implementing hardware asset management best practices such as standard refresh programs is crucial, yet organizations often face challenges in maintaining them. Utilizing hardware asset management services enables IT teams to concentrate on strategic goals, enhance service levels, cut costs, and plan effectively for the future.

Hardware Asset Management
Hardware Asset Management
Maximize Efficiency with Limited Time

Managing end-user devices from deployment to disposal is a significant task for organizations. This responsibility can overwhelm IT teams that already face time and resource constraints, hindering effective hardware asset management throughout the lifecycle. Balancing hardware asset management with strategic initiatives can be a challenge for many IT departments.

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Defining Hardware Asset Management: Understanding Its Importance.

Hardware Asset Management (HAM) involves tracking and managing every physical computer component from purchase to disposal. It's vital for optimizing hardware use, managing inventory efficiently, and reducing costs. By proactively managing assets, businesses can enhance operations and cut ownership expenses.

How can hardware asset management benefit my business?

Implementing a strong Hardware Asset Management (HAM) system brings advantages like optimized asset utilization, heightened security, and regulatory compliance. It offers transparency in inventory management to prevent overspending and underutilization. Efficient HAM strategies aid in informed decision-making for maintenance, resulting in cost savings and increased productivity.

What types of hardware assets can be managed effectively?

This service covers the management of various hardware assets like servers, laptops, desktops, printers, networking gear, and mobile devices. It also includes peripherals and accessories for a holistic asset inventory management. Tracking this wide range enables comprehensive oversight for improved strategic planning and asset usage.

How does the hardware asset management process operate effectively?

The Hardware Asset Management process begins with asset procurement, tagging each hardware piece with a unique identifier in the management system. Continuous monitoring tracks location, condition, and performance. Regular audits ensure data accuracy for informed decisions on upgrades, repurposing, or asset retirement, maximizing asset value and performance over its lifecycle.

Can hardware asset management contribute to cost savings for your business?

Hardware Asset Management is key to cost savings for businesses. It provides detailed insight into each asset's lifecycle, aiding strategic decisions on maintenance, upgrades, and disposal. Proactive management minimizes unnecessary expenses on early upgrades and maximizes existing assets. Additionally, it enables precise budget forecasting for future hardware needs, ensuring wise investments aligned with business requirements.

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