Evolving Cyber Threats: Insights from an Expert

What Will You Learn?

Artificial intelligence is becoming a hacker’s best friend. With common modes of attack evolving so quickly, how is the cybersecurity industry changing to keep up the fight?
This webinar takes a look back at 2022, the biggest year every for cyber attacks, and looks forward to how cyber threats are changing. Join NetGain and Arctic Wolf Networks for a discussion on cybercrime and how your organization can stay safe.

Topics include…

  • 2022 Year-in-Review with a cybersecurity expert
  • The frequency of attacks—a ransomware attack occurs once every 11 seconds!
  • How ChatGPT and other AI tools is changing the threat landscape
  • And More!

Watch this webinar if…

  • You want to learn more about how quickly cyber crime is growing
  • You are interested in creating a multi-layered cybersecurity defense posture for your organization

Evolving Cyber Threats: Insights from an Expert

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