Cybersecurity for the New Workplace
On-Demand Webinar

What Will You Learn?

Business operations have changed as we know it. Due to the effects of the pandemic, most employees are working remotely at least part time.

This alters how your organization functions, and how it is secured.

Watch our webinar Cybersecurity for the New Workplace as two experts discuss how to secure your business while considering necessary elements for this hybrid remote work/in-office model. We will cover:

– Security concerns with the shift to remote work business model due to the pandemic

– Proper security measures for employees working at home, and for the in-office environment as we adjust to a new way of working

Why Watch the Webcast?

  • You want to understand how to properly secure your business post-pandemic with remote workers
  • You are bringing employees back into the office and are not sure how to securely re-connect them
  • You want to hear some real-life experiences from experts in the field


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