What Is IT Procurement and Why Is it Necessary for SMBs?

In an era where 54% of company executives grapple with aligning their innovation strategy with their business strategy, the process of IT procurement remains a substantial challenge.

There is more to IT procurement than purchasing and implementing new hardware or software. It’s a comprehensive process that if properly aligned with your business’s long-term goals can provide you with a wide range of beneficial technology products and services.

But the main question is what is IT procurement, and why is it necessary? In this article, we’ll shed some light on the importance of IT procurement and the steps required to navigate it effectively.

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What Is IT Procurement?

IT procurement involves acquiring IT products or services that meet the specific needs of your business.

Procurement professionals carry out this task through several procedures that include defining requirements, sourcing and evaluating vendors, initiating the payment process, and managing supply chains.

Working with procurement professionals can also save you time and money. A study from Stripe and Harris Poll showed that IT departments spend $85 billion annually on salvaging bad technology instead of procuring or developing suitable software solutions.

The Necessity of IT Procurement

A business cannot function without aligning its IT resources with its objectives. This is where procurement managers step in, as they help to bridge the gap.

They also streamline operations, ensure cost-effectiveness, and manage risks associated with IT investments. Additionally, they ensure the company complies with relevant regulations.

Deciphering the IT Procurement Process

You may be wondering, “what is the IT procurement process?” It is a strategic function that involves four crucial steps, and understanding them can be integral to your long-term success.

Step 1. Requirement Identification and Analysis

The IT procurement journey begins with identifying what your organization requires from its IT resources. Ask yourself this question: Are you looking for hardware and software, services, or a combination of both?

Answering this question will help you identify your specific needs, how they align with your overall business strategy, and your budgetary constraints.

This stage also involves performing a thorough analysis of these needs from a technical and operational perspective. The clearer you are on what you require, the more likely you’ll be to procure the right resources while reducing costs.

What is IT Procurement and Why is it Necessary
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Step 2. Vendor Identification and Evaluation

Next, you must find suppliers who can provide the necessary products or services. This involves extensive market research to identify potential vendors.

Once you’ve shortlisted potential vendors, you should evaluate them based on a variety of factors including price, quality of offerings, reliability, and after-sales support.

Step 3. Contract Negotiation and Management

After you’ve identified a suitable vendor, it’s time to negotiate. The aim is to secure a fair and mutually beneficial agreement. Elements to consider include price, delivery terms, payment conditions, and warranty clauses.

Managing the contract effectively is also a critical aspect of the procurement process. This requires you to ensure that all obligations and deliverables are met as per the contract terms.

Step 4. IT Asset Management

Finally, effective IT asset management is vital. This involves tracking and managing your IT assets throughout their lifecycle, from procurement to disposal.

The purpose is to optimize the value of each asset and ensure that it serves its intended purpose effectively.

Proper IT asset management can also help you avoid unnecessary expenses and mitigate risks related to your IT investments. Failure to do so can be costly, as 43% of businesses fail to effectively track their assets and inventory.


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The Challenges of IT Procurement

As integral as it is, IT procurement is not without its challenges. However, knowing what these challenges are and how to effectively overcome them can ensure a smoother procurement process:

Understanding Technical Requirements

Perhaps the most significant challenge is fully grasping the technical requirements of your business. Technology evolves rapidly and staying abreast of these changes is crucial.

It’s essential to keep updated with industry trends and innovations. You need to be able to discern what solutions best align with your business strategy and requirements.

Evaluating Vendors

Research from Murigi shows that 57.1% of the performance of the IT procurement process hinges on supplier appraisal and evaluation criteria.

That said, it’s not always easy to ascertain the reliability of a vendor or the quality of their products or services, especially with so many options available on the market.

It’s important to perform thorough vendor assessments, checking references, past performance history, and customer testimonials before you make your final decision.

Managing Contracts and Vendor Relationships

Contracts need to be managed efficiently, which includes monitoring vendor performance, ensuring contract compliance, and managing renewals or terminations.

Furthermore, fostering good relationships with vendors is vital for a successful long-term partnership. This requires clear communication, good negotiation skills, and a mutual understanding of expectations.

A Quick Guide to Making IT Procurement Work for Your Business

IT Procurement Steps Actions
1. Define Requirements Determine your specific hardware and software needs
2. Identify Vendors Research and evaluate potential suppliers
3. Contract Management Negotiate terms and ensure they meet business objectives
4. Asset Management Track and manage your procured resources effectively

Let Proven Experts Manage Your IT Procurement

As the world of IT continues to evolve, understanding the procurement cycle and effectively procuring goods and services are no longer options, but necessities.

Building strong supplier relationships and mastering indirect procurement and services procurement are vital to achieving long-term success.

At NetGain Technologies, we understand these challenges and are equipped to help you navigate through this sea of complexities. Since 1984, our team of IT procurement professionals has guided effective decision-making that has led businesses like yours to long-term success.

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