The Cost of Tier 1 Help Desk Tickets

As organizations increasingly rely on technology to drive business operations, the demand for IT support services has skyrocketed. Among the most critical components of an IT support system is the help desk, which is responsible for helping end users with their everyday tech problems. However, providing support services comes at a cost.

Forrester estimates that a simple password reset can cost $70. Large enterprises can spend over $5 million a year on password resets alone.

This article will focus on the cost of tier 1 help desk tickets, examining the various factors that can influence the cost of providing support for lower tier IT issues.

Staffing and Training

One of the most significant influencers on the cost of providing IT help desk support is staffing and training. According to Gartner, only 9% of end users solve their issues purely through self-service — staffing IT technicians is critical.

The more experienced and knowledgeable the staff, the higher the cost of their salaries and benefits. Additionally, regular training is necessary to keep the staff up-to-date with the latest technology trends and tools. Many organizations lose value here when their highly trained senior IT staff spend time on low-tier tickets.

Want to Control Your IT Costs?

Managed service providers can even out your help desk costs and let you scale up as your business grows.

Scale of Operations

The size and scale of a small business can also influence the cost of providing tier 1 IT help desk service. Smaller businesses with fewer employees and simpler networks may require less support than larger companies, resulting in lower costs.

However, when considering the size of your IT ecosystem, its important to keep scalability in mind. Where do you plan to be in 3 years, and are you ready to scale up to those needs?

Technology to Support Help Desk Agents

The tools and technology used to support the help desk staff can also impact the overall cost. These can include hardware, software, and other equipment needed to provide efficient and effective support.

As a rough estimate, the average cost of setting up an IT help desk for a small- to medium-sized business ranges from $10,000 to $50,000. The cost of setting up an IT help desk can include expenses such as hardware and software purchases, hiring and training staff, creating and implementing policies and procedures, and setting up and configuring the help desk software and other tools.

Availability of Support

The availability of support can also be a factor, particularly for businesses that operate outside of normal business hours or on weekends. If your organization needs 24×7 support, it may result in higher costs as employees demand shift differential pay.

Regulation and Other Obligations

Finally, the nature of your business can impact the cost of providing IT help desk support. For example, a small business operating in a heavily regulated industry, such as finance or healthcare, may require more stringent security measures and compliance procedures, leading to higher support costs.

Partnerships Can Ease the Burden

If you’re looking to reduce the cost of providing tier 1 IT help desk service for your business, a managed service provider (MSP) can help. An MSP can provide your business with expert knowledge taken from years of tackling IT issues, without the need to hire and train in-house staff or purchase and maintain expensive technology. An MSP can help you improve the quality and efficiency of your IT support services, resulting in faster resolution times and happier employees.

To find out how an MSP can help your business reduce the cost of providing tier 1 IT help desk services, contact us today.

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