Not only one of the best IT companies to work for…

2015 Best Places to Work in KentuckyNetGain Technologies received a pretty great honor this month. Our employees throughout six states have been telling us for years that we’re the best IT company to work for—and now the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce identifies us as a 2015 Best Places to Work in Kentucky winner, regardless of industry.

In fact, NetGain Technologies was ranked sixth in the small business category, as evaluated by the Kentucky Chamber and the Kentucky Society for Human Resource Management (KYSHRM). The assessment process includes an employee engagement and satisfaction survey (weighted at 75% during the evaluation) and an employer benefits and policies questionnaire that captures information about company policies, practices, and demographics (weighted at 25%). Of about 150 companies whose credentials were considered in the small business category, only 28 received the honor in 2015.

So, why exactly is NetGain Technologies one of the best IT companies to work for?

I love talking with other managed IT service providers about employee longevity and loyalty. When I mention that NetGain Technologies maintains a full staff of around 85 engineers, and that we expect our most-educated engineers to celebrate five- and 10-year anniversaries with us, they’re taken aback. It just doesn’t happen often in a fluid IT field that is hypercompetitive for the industry’s top talent.

best it companies to work forAnd the inevitable interrogation always follows: “How are you retaining your engineers?” It’s a valid question. The best IT support individuals don’t follow the conventional rules. The highest salary isn’t always going to keep them happy. Traditional perks aren’t likely to tempt them.

I don’t usually tell those other managed IT services competitors, but the answer is uncomplicated.

You’ve probably seen a version of the quote somewhere on LinkedIn or in a business presentation: A CFO asks his company’s CEO, “What happens if we invest in developing our employees and they leave us?” The CEO changes the tone of the conversation by responding with another question—“What happens if we don’t, and they stay?”

We keep our engineers learning and growing. Engineers are inquisitive. They see great value in industry conferences and training sessions—so we send them to the best continuing-education programs and ask them to continue acquiring new talents and increasing their expertise. We applaud our technical employees for every new certification or endorsement they receive. (The policy’s result is evident: As a group, the staff at NetGain Technologies has more than 250 different IT certifications.)

That longevity isn’t limited to the technical staff at NetGain Technologies. Our executive leadership team, our finance and sales and operations and network security staff—they all boast team members who have reached 15 or 20 or 25 years of service to NetGain Technologies. They like the steady professionalism of our business services. They appreciate the collegial atmosphere that extends from our headquarters out to our six branch locations. They feel secure that we’re the best at what we do, and are proud of the work they contribute to. Even nontechnical employees are vocal that NetGain leads the field of best IT companies to work for.

When the Best Companies Group sent out employee surveys late last year, I was confident that the NetGain Technologies team would have many positive things to say about their workplace. It was humbling to be one of the few small companies to receive a nomination, and exciting to be ranked sixth overall. So, to the entire NetGain team, thank you for your confidence and keep up the great work!

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