Looking Ahead to Your 2023 Technology Strategy

A new year is on the horizon and the technology possibilities — and challenges — are endless. Trusted infrastructure software is headed into the sunset, more businesses are moving to the cloud, and cybersecurity remains a critical topic for tech leaders. Experts from NetGain Technologies and HPE Aruba, an enterprise networking company, hosted a webinar discussion about what’s on the tech horizon for 2023.

NetGain’s Director of Security Scott Logan, NetGain’s Director of Professional Services John Adams and HPE Aruba’s Channel Systems Engineer Brennan Klensch covered topics like IT Infrastructure and end-of-life (EOL) periods, cloud trends, cybersecurity and shifts in the modern workforce.

With 2023 approaching, you should strategically plan your IT goals and create a budget to support them. Our experts shared their perspectives on how to prepare your business’ technology strategy for success in 2023.

Server Software Entering End-of-Life

Microsoft is beginning to decommission Window’s Server 2012 with its expected end-of-life planned for October 2023. With an estimated 35,000 businesses using Windows Server 2012, cybercriminals are waiting for this core infrastructure software to enter EOL. Running out-of-date software creates a huge security risk in your network. To protect your business and critical data, John Adams, a seasoned network engineer at NetGain, recommends migrating to a newer version of Windows Server or moving your Server 2012 installation into isolation.

2023 Brings more cybersecurity concerns

Hear what NetGain’s experts have to say about your 2023 technology strategy.

Cloud’s Strength in 2023

Cloud storage and cloud-based apps have taken the enterprise IT landscape by storm. In today’s world, most work environments are in the cloud. As businesses continue to work on remote or hybrid schedules, keeping data in a central place allows it to be protected, reliable and well suited for disaster recovery. With employees increasingly working from their own networks, a cloud infrastructure makes off-site collaboration much easier. Brennan Klensch always tells his clients to make their network, SAD — secured, automated, and delegated.

Migrating to the cloud, especially for small- and mid-sized businesses, can pose several challenges. If you are reluctant to move to the cloud, it is time to seriously consider the benefits of cloud infrastructure.

Cybersecurity in the Remote Working World

Cybersecurity breaches rose by more than 70 percent in Q3 2022 alone. Scott Logan, Director of Security at NetGain, focused on three trends to be aware of this upcoming year: ransomware, social awareness, and supply chain attacks.

Ransomware is a favorite weapon for modern day hackers. In a ransomware attack, a cybercriminal gains access to your network and holds your data or devices hostage until you pay. Unfortunately, these attacks will spread due to how well it pairs with traditional malware attacks. To combat this, your organization should practice security controls such as multi-factor authentication and keep your staff trained on cybersecurity.

With many professionals working from home, employees are more likely to succumb to phishing scams and social engineering attacks. Companies need to consistently improve their end-user awareness. For example, you can implement user education, run fake phishing campaigns, and continue to promote awareness of new attack strategies.

Doing business with third-party vendors is necessary for most organizations, and some may have access to parts of your network. If your partners have a breach in their network, it could compromise your data as well. Security experts refer to this as a supply chain attack. The answer isn’t to seclude yourself on an island, says Scott Logan. Instead, be sure to fully understand the access third parties have to your data and work with vendors who take security seriously.

As your team discusses your 2023 IT strategy, keep security in the conversation and consider moves to futureproof your IT. Scott Logan said it best, “stay diligent and out of the headlines” as you enter 2023.


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