Data center of the future. Your server closet and the cloud. What’s next?

Your company’s data center will be a hybrid cloud data center. (It probably already is.)

What is a hybrid approach to data center administration? Here’s a 50-cent definition: “Hybrid cloud is a blended computing environment leveraging local/on-premises, private cloud, and public cloud services in tandem.” Notice three different data center contexts here?

  1. On-Premises
  2. Private Cloud
  3. Public cloud services

The probability that your organization is using a blend of on-premises and public cloud services is high. Many of our financial and legal clients are using accounting and core processing in the cloud. For example: Who cuts your pay checks? Does your organization use local software running on a local server printing to a local printer, then have someone in the organization pass them out to employees? Probably not–that’s so 1998, right? Most of our clients leverage a paycheck processor via a website, which then deposits paychecks via direct deposit.

That’s a private cloud service, and your data center is a hybrid.

More of your data center will move to the cloud though, and there’s nothing we can do to stop it. Microsoft, for example, announced that core functionality of the Windows operating system is moving to the cloud forever.

Ever heard of a domain controller? It’s the server on your network that allows you to login to your PC, virtual desktop, or terminal server with your network username and password. Today our organization purchases a server license, then runs the domain controller role locally. Microsoft shared intent to move that basic role to the cloud late in the 20-teens; meanwhile, software manufacturers are pinning their financial viability on predictable subscription models.

Welcome to the future! We will eventually have part of our core business in the cloud and part of it locally. It’s the future. Bask in the glow!

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