Guarding the Keys to the Kingdom: Comparing 3 of the Top Password Managers

With online security being a top concern, password managers have become a popular solution for securely storing login credentials. While there are a lot of options available, it can be challenging to decide which is best for your password security. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at three of the most popular password managers: LastPass, KeePass, and NordPass. Our goal isn’t to determine which one is the best, but to compare their features, pros, and cons. Hopefully we can help you make an informed decision about which application is right for you and your business. Whether you’re looking for a simple, no-frills option or a highly customizable option for the tech savvy, this article has got you covered.

But first, why should you use a password manager?

Password Security Is Critical

Businesses of all sizes are increasingly reliant on online platforms and services to conduct their operations. With this increased reliance on the internet comes a higher risk of cyberattacks and data breaches. One of the most significant security risks businesses face is weak or reused passwords. Using a password manager can help mitigate this risk by generating strong, unique passwords, and securely storing them. A password manager can also simplify the password management process for employees, eliminating the need to remember multiple passwords or store them in unsecured locations.

Password security is at the very forefront of the cybersecurity fight. By implementing a password manager, businesses can improve their overall security posture and reduce the likelihood of a data breach.

Let’s dig into our first password manager.

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LastPass is one of the most popular password managers on the market, providing users with a secure way to store and manage their login credentials. Some of the features of LastPass include a password generator, auto-fill functionality, and the ability to securely share passwords with others.

One of the main advantages of LastPass is its ease of use. The application is simple to set up and use, with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to manage your passwords. Additionally, LastPass offers browser extensions and mobile apps that seamlessly integrate with your devices, allowing you to access your passwords from anywhere.

Another pro of LastPass is its strong security features. LastPass encrypts your data with AES-256 bit encryption, which is considered the gold standard in the industry. The application also supports two-factor authentication, which provides an extra layer of security for your account.

However, there are also some potential downsides to using LastPass. One concern is the potential for a data breach. While LastPass uses strong encryption and other security measures, no system is entirely foolproof, and a data breach could potentially expose your passwords to malicious actors.

Another con of LastPass is its pricing structure. While the basic version of LastPass is free, some of the more advanced features, such priority customer support, require a paid subscription. Most business users will want the features in one of LastPass’ paid tiers.

LastPass – The Bottom Line

LastPass offers users a convenient and secure way to manage their passwords, but it’s not without its potential drawbacks. Those looking for a more customizable solution may want to turn to our next password manager, KeePass.


KeePass is a popular open-source password manager that provides users with a way to store and manage their login credentials. KeePass is known for its flexibility. Unlike some other password managers that are more limited in their reach, KeePass can be used on a wide range of operating systems and devices, including Windows, macOS, Linux, and mobile devices.

Like most popular password managers, KeePass has a strong set of security features. KeePass uses a combination of encryption and hashing algorithms to ensure that your data is secure.

KeePass also offers users the ability to customize their password management experience. The application provides a range of options for generating and storing passwords, allowing users to tailor their password security to their individual needs. Most of these options are handled through third-party plugins, thanks to KeePass’ open-source code base.

However, there are also some potential downsides to using KeePass. One concern is its lack of user-friendliness. While the application is highly customizable, this can also make it more difficult for users to set up and use, especially for those who are less tech-savvy. KeePass appeals to those ready to get under the hood and customize the application on their own.

Another con of KeePass is its lack of cloud syncing capabilities. Unlike some other password managers, KeePass does not offer built-in cloud syncing, which means that users must manually transfer their password database between devices or use a third-party syncing service—.

Lastly, because KeePass is an open-source application, it is not backed by a company or organization. While this can be seen as a positive for some users, as it provides greater transparency and control over the application’s development, it can also mean that updates and support may be less frequent or reliable than with a commercial password manager.

KeePass – The Bottom Line

KeePass offers users a highly customizable and secure password management experience, but it may not be best for people who want an easy off-the-shelf solution.


NordPass is a password manager developed by NordVPN, a well-known VPN service provider. One of the main features of NordPass is its strong security measures. NordPass encrypts user data with AES-256 bit encryption, the industry standard for secure encryption. Additionally, NordPass offers two-factor authentication to provide an extra layer of protection.

Another advantage of NordPass is its user-friendly interface. The application is simple to set up and use, with a clean and intuitive interface that makes it easy to manage your passwords. Additionally, NordPass offers a browser extension and mobile app that integrate seamlessly with your devices, allowing you to access your passwords from anywhere.

NordPass also provides users with the ability to share passwords securely with others. The application uses a unique sharing feature that allows users to share passwords without revealing the password itself, making it a great option for businesses or individuals who need to share passwords with others.

However, there are also potential downsides to using NordPass. One concern is its lack of advanced features compared to some other password managers. While NordPass provides users with basic password management features, it may not be the best choice for users who require more advanced capabilities.

One potential downside of NordPass is its lack of offline access. Unlike some other password managers, NordPass requires an internet connection to access your passwords, which can be a problem for users who need to access their passwords in areas without internet connectivity. This can also pose a security risk, as it means that your password data is always stored in the cloud, potentially vulnerable to cyber attacks.

NordPass – The Bottom Line

In conclusion, NordPass offers users a secure and user-friendly way to manage their passwords, but it may not be the best fit for everyone. Those looking for highly customizable solutions may want to look elsewhere. As with any password manager, it’s important to consider the pros and cons and choose a solution that meets your individual needs and preferences.

Whatever You Choose, Consistency Is Key

All of the leading password managers provide great options to keep you safe online. No matter what you choose, consistently using your password manager is critical. You also need to make sure it is fully adopted across your organization, as one compromised password, even from a lower-level employee, can lead to huge headaches.

If you would like help implementing password managers or other cybersecurity defenses across your network, contact us today and let’s see how NetGain can help.

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