AI Showdown: Comparing AI Note-Taking in Chorus, Copilot, and Teams Premium

In today’s digital age, artificial intelligence (AI) has become a transformative force in software solutions. Notably for businesses, AI tools can impact productivity are transform workflows and business operations. AI can help you do more in less time.  

“AI is more than ChatGPT. Much, much more. Tools are popping up all over the place, each promising to transform your life and work.” Forbes 

As businesses and individuals strive to become smarter, AI-enhanced tools such as Chorus, Copilot, and Teams Premium are becoming a hot topic of conversation. These AI productivity tools are reshaping how we capture, organize, and leverage information.  

This blog post delves into the AI note-taking features of these three platforms. By comparing their features, benefits, and potential drawbacks, you can better determine what could be the right tool for your business. 


Chorus is primarily known as a conversation intelligence platform that integrates with your video conferencing tool (like Zoom or Teams). With Chorus, you can transcribe meetings, highlight key points, and provide insights into your conversations. Its AI capabilities are tailored for sales and client success teams to improve customer communications and interactions. Chorus’s AI excels in real-time transcription accuracy. By using sophisticated algorithms, the AI tool identifies important conversational themes and action items. 

Key Features: 

  • Real-Time Transcription: Chorus provides live transcription during meetings. This is particularly useful for team members who may have missed a part of the discussion. 
  • Meeting Summaries: Post-meeting, Chorus offers concise, actionable summaries that help teams focus on critical follow-ups. 
  • Insight Generation: Leveraging AI, Chorus analyzes speech patterns and conversation flows to provide insights into customer sentiments and sales effectiveness. 


  • Enhanced meeting productivity and participant engagement. 
  • Improved compliance with data recording and retrieval. 
  • Valuable insights into customer interactions that inform training and development. 

Potential Drawbacks:

  • Primarily focused on sales and customer-facing roles, which may limit its applicability across other organizational departments. 
  • Dependence on high-quality audio for accurate transcription. 
  • Cost is something to consider, as with any software tool. The price for Chorus is typically based on the number of people using the tool at your company. This is arguably the most costly of the tools in this blog as it is not an add-on feature for Microsoft suite. 


Copilot, often integrated within other productivity software, is designed to assist with a broader range of tasks beyond just note-taking. For meeting management,  Copilot AI can help you manage emails and schedule appointments. Furthermore, this AI note-taking tool can assist in drafting documents by understanding the context behind your interactions. Check out our Copilot information page and Copilot webinar for more resources and details on this AI powerhouse. 

Key Features: 

  • Contextual Assistance: Copilot can perform tasks like drafting emails or scheduling meetings based on the context gleaned from your inputs and previous interactions. 
  • Document Drafting: With AI, Copilot helps in drafting documents, offering suggestions for improvement based on the intended tone and style. 
  • Integration Capabilities: Seamlessly integrates with various other software tools, enhancing overall productivity without needing to switch between applications. 


  • Streamlines multiple administrative tasks, freeing up time for more strategic activities. 
  • Provides personalized assistance, making everyday tasks easier and faster. 
  • Enhances document quality with AI-powered suggestions and corrections. 

Potential Drawbacks: 

  • May require a learning curve to effectively use all its features. 
  • Relies heavily on user input and data, raising potential privacy concerns. 
  • Copilot has some very basic features for free, but to really use this tool across Microsoft 365, you need to pay an additional monthly fee. 

Teams Premium 

Microsoft’s Teams Premium is an enhanced version of Teams. It’s quipped with AI note-taking features designed to make meetings more productive and collaborative. It’s particularly useful in a corporate setting where collaboration and communication are pivotal. 

Key Features: 

  • Advanced Meeting Insights: Teams Premium uses AI to provide follow-up actions and meeting recaps. This is helpful in keeping track of commitments and decisions. 
  • Real-Time Translation and Transcription: Offers real-time translation and transcription services, making it ideal for diverse, global teams. 
  • Customizable Meeting Templates: AI-driven suggestions for meeting templates based on the type of meeting and past preferences. 


  • Facilitates better communication among global teams through translation features. 
  • Improves meeting efficiency with automated recaps and action items. 
  • Personalizes meeting experiences with customizable AI suggestions. 

Potential Drawbacks: 

  • Premium comes in at a higher cost, compared to the standard Teams version. Many AI note-taking solutions come with additional costs though, and this tool is comparable and cheaper than others.  
  • May have features that are underutilized by teams not fully integrated into the Microsoft ecosystem. 

Concluding Thoughts on AI Note-Taking Tools

Chorus, Copilot, and Teams Premium each offer unique AI note-taking functionalities that cater to specific business needs. Chorus can benefit sales and customer support teams looking to enhance customer interaction insights. Copilot serves as a versatile assistant across various administrative tasks. And finally, Teams Premium enhances meeting productivity with its sophisticated AI tools on many communication fronts.  

Choosing the right platform depends largely on your specific needs and goals. What is the size and function(s) of your team? How would these tools integrate with your existing workflows? As AI continues to evolve, so will the capabilities and applications of these platforms. AI promises greater efficiencies, cost savings, and smarter insights into your business and the future. 

If you’re ready to integrate AI into your workflows, book a meeting with us.  

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