Business Technology: A necessary evil or a tool to help you grow?

Managed-IT-Services_Improve-Efficiencies_Business-TechnologyMost businesses today rely on technology and many would not be able to function without it. Technology is a tool that helps your employees do more in less time. Without it, your business would need more employees to accomplish the same tasks, raising costs and frustration. When your costs go up, the cost of your products or services increase as well which causes customers to leave and turn to technology-advanced competition who then continue to gain their edge.

Basically, without technology, it is a real challenge to stay in business in this day and age. Companies that aren’t utilizing technology find themselves consolidated and left behind their competition.

We find most CEOs, Presidents, CFOs, COOs have four main goals for technology:

  1. Improve Efficiencies
  2. Lower Costs
  3. Improve Customer Satisfaction
  4. Gain Competitive Edge

Many business leaders are willing to invest in technology, but do not continue to maintain their assets.

I’m sure they maintain their vehicles with regular tire rotations, an oil change every 5,000 miles and other recommended maintenance procedures. It’s obvious they have to do these things in order to get the best return on their investment. They don’t want their car to blow up because there is no oil in the engine.

When it comes to IT, business owners often don’t think this way, and as a result they end up with technology that ceases to function. The servers go down, the computers start showing blue screens, and cyber criminals are able to hack into their network and steal sensitive data. These business owners end up with a car that will not run because the engine is dead. It is a big issue! These big issues end up working against the goals for which they purchased the technology – costing them the money and time that they had planned to save.

Most businesses buy the “new technology” at their IT departments’ recommendation hoping it is going to solve their business problem, but in reality they are applying a Band-Aid to cover up the real problem. The real problem is that they don’t have the correct business practices in place to manage the technology they have already invested in, which results in a bad ROI.

They continue to go through this process until they are sick of buying the next great server, router, switch, etc. Their IT staff keeps telling them the new piece of equipment is going to solve the problem, but in reality it doesn’t, and the problem never gets fixed.

Feeling as though they are held hostage with nowhere to go, business leaders begin to see technology as a necessary evil rather than a tool to improve their business. They shouldn’t feel this way because technology has such great potential to make their business better.

We understand the pain you are going through and have worked diligently the past 12 years to create a solution for the problem. The solution is Technology OneSource, or in IT terms, Managed IT Services.

Our solution has led us to be one of the top 100 Managed IT Services providers in the world and we actually grew this line of business 40% last year. You could say there is a real need for this service in the business marketplace!

My goal is to educate you, and make you aware of other options, so you can make the best business decision moving forward. I don’t want anybody to feel like they are being held hostage and want them to receive the best ROI for the technology they already purchased. I hope you will begin to see NetGain Technologies as a partner and advisor when it comes to business technology decisions. In future blog posts I will be discussing Managed IT Services, and how it impacts your bottom line. Stay tuned!

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