Why a bank switched IT service providers


“Bank A” first opened their doors in the late 90’s, adding their second location shortly after.  Through the years, the bank continued to grow; opening branch after branch.  But as the bank grew, so did the IT systems needed to operate.

After making the effort to keep up with technology internally, the bank made the decision to outsource – noting they needed to focus on the banking business, not the IT in their business.  So, they partnered with a managed services IT company.  But because the technology company was so far away, they also had to hire an internal support employee that could help resolve issues that needed boots-on-the-ground support.

Breaking Point

The support they were receiving from the out-of-town managed IT services provider was adequate, but they did not feel that they were proactively addressing issues and effectively lining up technology with the bank’s business needs.  Their internal IT support staff was also unable to keep up and eventually left the bank.  The straw that broke the camel’s back was increased pressure from auditors demanding changes be made to ensure their technology systems were compliant.

The Decision

For the next managed IT services provider to deliver a financially justified solution, it was mission critical that they address these areas: local support, auditor demands, and the lack of a proactive approach to technology.

That is when they found the perfect partner.

The cost of the new partner’s solution was a wash compared to their current spend. However, the bank found that they were able to achieve their goals via the new partnership.

Their relationship with their managed IT services provider became about the value and expertise that would give Bank A peace of mind.

**To protect the integrity of all parties involved, all names and locations have been changed. 

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