7 St. Louis Technology Companies You Should Know About

St. Louis, Missouri stands out for having a low cost of living for a high quality of life. This combination puts the city in the perfect position to attract top talent across industries. So, it’s no wonder there are an increasing number of big tech companies in St. Louis .

The shift to remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic also worked in the city’s favor. St. Louis and Kansas City added 14,000 new tech jobs in 2020 alone. This is a dramatic increase from 2019 and has only continued to grow throughout the 2020s.

Much of this growth came from tech talent that moved from well-known hubs like San Francisco and New York to St. Louis once they could work from home. However, St. Louis isn’t just a place for remote tech workers. There are plenty of homegrown tech startups in St. Louis as well.

This article will look at 7 top St. Louis tech companies . We will include St. Louis-born organizations and ones from elsewhere with a St. Louis location.

Top Tech Companies in St. Louis, MO

1. Cash App

Cash App is a mobile app payment service developed by Square, Inc., a financial technology company based in San Francisco, California. However, the company’s customer operations team is headquartered in St. Louis.

Cash App lets users send and receive money, as well as buy and sell cryptocurrencies. The app is becoming increasingly popular, especially with young people who prefer to conduct transactions digitally. They may be one of the largest tech companies in St. Louis .

In St. Louis, Customer Ops provides support and assistance to Cash App’s users. The team is made up of customer service representatives who handle inquiries and issues related to transactions, account management, and other aspects of the app.

For a company this size, it’s entirely possible they’re already using trustworthy third-party IT outsourcing in St. Louis to help streamline their daily business operations, for example.

2. Balto

Balto is a St. Louis-based software company that offers call centers an AI-powered platform that improves their customer service. The platform guides agents in real time using speech recognition and natural language processing to improve call handling

Balto was founded in St. Louis and remains headquartered in the city today. The company has been recognized for its contributions to the city’s startup ecosystem. They were named one of St. Louis’s best places to work in 2022.

Considering how many IT systems are involved in keeping a software/AI company running at peak efficiency every day, many companies of Balto’s type and size make use of IT Companies in St. Louis who can help manage their IT needs on a daily basis.

3. Engage Software

Engage Software is a web development company that has been operating in St. Louis for over 20 years. Their main focuses are custom web applications, content management systems, and eCommerce solutions.

From St. Louis, Engage is helping companies across the United States. They’re mainly geared towards mid-sized businesses and large enterprises looking to modernize their technology infrastructure or create new digital products.

A lot of their work supports community initiatives. They have a significant presence in the non-profit, foundation, and sports sectors. In this sense, their contributions to the city’s growth go beyond their own business.

And to help their networks operate with optimal uptime, many software companies opt for a co-managed solution, specifically for network support in St. Louis .

4. CuriMeta

CuriMeta provides an advanced real-time data platform focused on the healthcare industry. Their aim is to help enhance healthcare research by giving researchers better access to more data.

Although they frequently work with research data, they also frequently handle electronic patient records. Therefore, they strive to ensure that all health data is aggregated and de-identified in accordance with regulatory standards.

The company is making waves in the industry and St. Louis tech community for their innovative approach to healthcare software. As a result, they were named one of St. Louis Inno’s Startups to Watch in 2023.

And when the IT that CuriMeta depends on breaks down (just as many companies of this size experience) they may rely on reliable IT support in St. Louis from a reputable third party provider to help get everyone back to work quickly.


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5. Matchbox Design Group

Matchbox Design Group is a leading web design and development company that works with a wide range of clients including small businesses , startups, and large corporations. Since 2006, they’ve made a name for themselves within St. Louis and across the United States.

Some of their popular services include branding and identity design, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), and digital marketing . The company involves clients throughout the process so they can easily bring their vision to life.

As a creative design consultancy service , they directly contribute to the city’s growing reputation as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. Additionally, their leading web design service has helped other local businesses establish a strong online presence.

Even the Biggest Tech Companies in St. Louis Need Technology Consulting

6. Spry Digital

Spry Digital is a full-service custom software development company based in St. Louis. Their services include custom websites, mobile app development , and tailored software solutions.

The company serves diverse clients including startups, non-profits, and Fortune 500 companies in various industries. Their experience, collaboration, and expertise enable them to provide exceptional and innovative services.

Since 2010, they’ve positioned themselves as one of the top software development companies in St. Louis, and as a leading web developer in the United States. Clutch.co lists them as a top web development agency.

7. NetGain Technologies

St. Louis Technology Companies

NetGain Technologies is a leading managed IT services provider that operates in St. Louis. The company was founded in 1984 and has since grown to serve clients across the United States.

Clients receive a wide range of IT services, including managed cybersecurity , cloud solutions, and IT consulting .



One of NetGain Technologies’s key strengths is a commitment to client service. A 24/7 help desk is available to assist clients with any IT issues whenever they arise. Clients’ systems stay up-to-date and run smoothly with NetGain’s proactive network monitoring and maintenance.

If you think your company could get an information technology boost from NetGain, request a quote today .


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