Message from the CEO: August

I.T._service_and_solution_companies_invest_in_I.T._solutions_leading_I.T._companyAs we all know, not every business is successful. In fact, it’s a lot more common to see a company go under than to see it thrive. The business survival rate is low in virtually every industry.

This is certainly true with I.T. service and solution companies. Firms in our sector frequently struggle, and often go out of business. In July, Bruce Stuart, president of ChannelCorp, noted that a full 50 percent of channel partners are currently insolvent. An additional 40 percent face significant financial challenges. Only 10 percent of channel partners, he claimed, are in truly excellent financial condition.

You obviously want to work with a company that is financially solid and reliable. You can count on both of these attributes with NetGain Technologies.

What has allowed us to succeed? To a significant degree, success in our sector is self-perpetuating. Companies want to work with firms that are solvent, as these firms are best able to meet the needs of their clients. By doing so, companies further improve their reputation and client base.

But those are not the only reasons. There are two significant factors that are cornerstone to our success:

1. We make sure clients get what they need.

Clients need a partner that will take the time to really understand them and their desired outcomes. From ROI justification to determining what fits best into your business processes, we help clients invest in I.T. solutions they need to achieve their goals.

2. We respond to client needs in a reasonable timeframe.

Not only do we make sure to get clients what they need, but we make sure timelines are specified and met accordingly.

These commitments have allowed us to establish ourselves as a leading I.T. company and a firm you can count on today and in the future.

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