What Will You Learn?

Every day, your business relies on documents, applications, and existing data to function. What will happen if you suddenly lose access to this essential part of your business operations? This is a significant problem leading to lost profits and reputation. That’s why data backup and a plan for disaster recovery are essential.

This roundtable was part of an exclusive NetGain event, and we are bringing the relevant content to you. In this webcast, we will discuss data backup and disaster recovery, best practices with industry experts.

We will cover:

  • What risks there are for your data in today’s world, both security and otherwise
  • Why you need backup and disaster recovery
  • How to create a backup/DR strategy that is easy to use and works optimally for your business

Why Watch the Webcast?

  • You want to ensure your backup and DR are using best practices
  • You don’t have an adequate strategy for backup and/or DR and want to understand what is involved
  • You want to hear some real-life experiences from experts in the field

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