2021 Remote Work Security E-Book

As technology continues to shift with new ways to work, cybersecurity will shift with it. Are you prepared? Every organization must be diligent to protect themselves from cyber threats. Learn cybersecurity trends and strategies to prevent attacks with our remote work security e-book.


remote work security e book


E-Book: 2021 Cybersecurity for the Remote & Hybrid Workplace

In March 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the US, hackers used this crisis to their advantage. From phishing emails with fake COVID information links, to increased vulnerability due to the rapid remote work shift, the pandemic altered how businesses should think about cybersecurity.

Every individual in a business must be diligent, from top to bottom, with proper understanding of security threats, both in the office and while working remote. Hackers have taken advantage of the huge uptick in remote working individuals, targeting their more relaxed environment to try and breach your data.

Now more than ever, it is important to have dedicated security experts on your team, as well as proper security tools, to assist in your cybersecurity strategy. Some of these tools include endpoint monitoring, SOC-As-A-Service, network monitoring, and more. This expertise and planning can mean the difference between keeping your business safe, and a costly breach.

Read these insights and more in the remote work security e-book.

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