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As a healthcare provider you continue to deal with the HITECH act, HIPAA regulations and upgrading (or implementing) an EHR solution, all while trying to provide outstanding service to your patients and/or residence.

With regulations looming and the complexity of maintaining IT systems, healthcare providers are turning to technology partners for help.

Benefits of managed services in healthcare:

  1. Reduces time spent on IT
  2. Confidence in the dependability of your IT infrastructure
  3. Ability to comply to regulations
  4. Scalable systems that transition with your practice
  5. Enhance operating efficiencies
  6. Improved connectivity

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  • My EHR provider has a managed services solution, why do I need you?

    In most cases there are gaps in coverage and service levels that impede efficiency at fast paced healthcare provider. Typically a local IT vendor with expertise in healthcare networks can provide more complete services.

  • As a healthcare organization, what do I need to look for in an IT provider?

    Healthcare organizations should look for IT partners that are SOC 2 certified and offers a business associate agreement (BAA). There are other factor in choosing a provider. We list some of those in our whitepaper “The Bottom Line on Managed IT Services.”

  • Will using a managed services provider cover our healthcare organization under HIPAA compliance?

    A managed service provider can design and implement the systems required to achieve HIPAA compliance. And they can provide training for employees on the systems. However HIPAA compliance includes employee behavior practices that cannot be controlled by a third party.

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