Technology OneSource with Premium IT Security Technology OneSource with Premium IT Security

Add an IT security overlay to your managed services membership

The base version of NetGain Technologies’ managed IT services program—Technology OneSource version 10—offers a few basic network security components that include network monitoring, monthly deployment of Microsoft security updates, and quarterly security awareness information, provided to all end users.

Many businesses, especially those in audited industries or where regulatory compliance is a concern, may wish to enhance their IT security posture. Technology OneSource version 10-S (Technology OneSource v.10s) is NetGain Technologies’ premium solution for those businesses that require a broad security overlay to their custom IT solution.

The managed security services offered in Technology OneSource v.10s add important enhanced security protocols that safeguard your business. Our managed security suite combines firewall, VPN, and managed intrusion detection and prevention services (IDPS ) to protect against Internet-based attacks. Our IDPS solution automatically updates with new signatures as new threats are identified, ensuring the service detects traffic that is potentially harmful, and automatically triggers protective actions.

What IT security upgrades does Technology OneSource v.10s include?

Security-conscious businesses wishing to establish enhanced protections of their data and networks may consider the security upgrades available with Technology OneSource v.10s:

  • During the comprehensive onboarding process of the Technology OneSource base program, version 10-S adds a robust IT security ramp-up phase with a gap assessment and remediation reports to establish a baseline of your security posture.
  • Quarterly vulnerability assessments include internal and external vulnerability scans and penetration testing, with remediation of critical vulnerabilities discovered.
  • Also included in Technology OneSource v.10s is log monitoring and management. This process includes possible early detection of potential threats, forensic review and discovery, as well as audit-ready compliance reporting.

Whether your business is new to Technology OneSource or an established managed IT services client, remember that managed IT security services are an available upgrade.

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