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What are managed IT services and how can they help my business?

If you are conducting research on information technology solutions for your business, you probably have seen several references to managed IT services providers (MSPs). Here, you will find out more about the services offered to companies by outsourced IT providers, and why C-level executives consider outsourcing their companies’ information technology maintenance to a local IT outsourcing company.

When business leaders search for MSP services, they are typically looking for an information technology partner to become their full- or part-time IT department. The information technology solutions provided by a managed services provider fall under several titles: As you explore information technology outsourcing, watch for terms like business IT solutions, help desk services, and MSP consulting. Each title describes a version of managed IT services for businesses.

The managed IT services model allows businesses to maintain IT operations for a fixed monthly fee. Collaborating with an outsourced IT provider enables company leaders to focus on business outcomes, without the need to expend resources on recruiting, training, and monitoring an in-house IT department. MSP consulting is also a popular service for businesses concerned about regulatory compliance requirements or audit preparedness.

What are the components of managed IT services for businesses?

managed IT services infographicThroughout this site, you will find several resources describing various features of managed IT services.

For an overview of how a worldwide top 100 managed IT services program offers MSP services, see the Technology OneSource page.

SMB-oriented outsourced IT services should include three general components: technology infrastructure, IT support, and business strategy.

  • To learn more about technology infrastructure and proactive monitoring and management of your network, see the Technology Infrastructure page on this site.
  • To learn more about IT support solutions for reactive support (commonly called “help desk services,” and also encompassing onsite IT support), see the IT Support page on this site.
  • To learn more about the role of information technology in business strategy, including IT budgeting, see the Business Strategy page on this site.

Managed IT services may incorporate network security protocols, and also should include internal controls. Look for SOC 2 certification, which indicates that the IT outsourcing company has established and follows organizational controls to safeguard clients’ data and privacy. For additional information about security-focused MSP services, see the Technology OneSource v.10s page.

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What benefits will my company receive from MSP information technology services?

Investments in information technology should have a direct impact on business outcomes. Business leaders seek to outsource business IT solutions because they see financial justification. Additional benefits of managed IT services include:

  • Reduced organizational exposure to risk
  • Ability to plan for future growth with greater confidence and accuracy
  • Improved employee productivity
  • Proficient maintenance and maximized utility of current IT investments
  • Capability to focus on mission-critical business objectives
  • Achievement of enterprise-class capabilities

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