Message from the CEO: July 2018

We are half way through the year… can you believe it? Over the past six months, we have made some significant progress and this past quarter was another great one to celebrate. We hit a new record in June for our services teams, recently unveiled a new marketing strategy, completed our office moves in Louisville and Cincinnati, focused on the goals for the quarter that allows us to celebrate, and continue to see growth year-over-year.

Record breaking June

In our 34 years in business, last month we hit an all-time high in services revenue! We continue to do more service work with clients across the region with great results. The individuals on the team continue to impress me and I greatly appreciate all that they do to make our company and our clients successful.

Companies continue to recognize the need for outside support. The labor market is in a shortage and we are in one of the hardest times in recent memory to find I.T. talent. The region’s leading companies choose to partner with NetGain Technologies because they get predictable results for a predictable fee. We make I.T. EASY!

New marketing strategy

I am excited to share with you that we have hired a new marketing leader, Andrea Skov. She was the former Chief Marketing Officer of one of the nation’s largest managed I.T services providers and we are excited to have her as a part of the team.

Andrea will be expected to set the vision for marketing. Her primary goal will be to bring new business to NetGain.

With the addition of Andrea, we have promoted Megan Reed to the Director of Marketing. Megan has worked at NetGain for seven years and has held marketing roles and worked directly with Brendan and I as our executive assistant. She knows what we are looking for and will help Andrea execute the marketing plan.

Over the past two years, Brendan and I have worked diligently to get the best and brightest employees in the right positions at NetGain Technologies. Andrea is the final hire of three new executives appointed to our executive leadership team. We already added Jason Bowra in May of 2017 and Nigel Taylor in September of 2017.

The NetGain brand and facilities

Since taking over the business, Brendan and I have spent a lot time and resources on developing our new look and feel of the company. We truly want our facilities to represent the professionalism we display every day with our clients. We also want to have a place that make our teams proud to be a part of this organization. Don’t forget the big part facilities play in building your culture!

In Q2, we moved our Louisville office into a new building off of Hurstbourne Parkway and our Cincinnati office into a new building in Blue Ash. We brought in all new furniture, colors, flooring, and set up more flexible working environments with common areas. Standing desks have also been pretty popular around our offices! If you are in one of these areas, feel free to come by and see our new space.

Looking Ahead

As I have shared in previous updates, each quarter our executive team along with our next level of management team get together to set a series of high priority goals that we would like to accomplish in that quarter. In Q2, we set four primary goals and I’m happy to share that we achieved all of them and will be rewarding our employees with a day at a theme park. We are excited to celebrate our success and teamwork outside of the office during work hours! Give this a shot in your business! Set some goals and when you achieve them, have a party and get people out of their element. As I shared in Rule 2 of Becoming a Great Place to Work: Spend Time Together, it’s important to foster great relationships between colleagues and trips outside of the office are key to doing this.

In addition to quarterly rewards, we have yearly reward trips called Chairman’s Club and President’s Club. We were excited to unveil in January that this year’s Chairman’s Club trip is in Hawaii. At halfway through the year, I am thrilled to share that three of our account executives are on track to meet their yearly goal and celebrate in Hawaii. Those individuals are Wayne Logan, Dave Thomas, and Wayne Ebersohl. Please help me congratulate them on their successes so far this year.

Client we serve

Everything we do is for our clients and employees. We know if we have happy employees, we will have happy clients. At NetGain, we live by ten core values in order to create happy clients and employees. Those values are:

  1. Family first
  2. Fight every day for what’s right
  3. If you think you can or can’t, you are probably right
  4. If you’re having fun, you’re doing it right
  5. Leave it better than you found it
  6. We always win TOGETHER
  7. Every client should be a promoter
  8. Only do things where we can be the very best
  9. Constant pursuit of a better way
  10. Be the workplace of a lifetime

Those ten values along with our vision of “creating happy clients through effective managed service solutions,” drive every decision that we make.

This quarter I heard things from our clients like “I think Graham is simply amazing” which lives our core value of “every client should be a promoter” and “things are going very well. Jason and the team did an outstanding job…” which lives our core value of “we always win TOGETHER.” Every day our teams are continuing to work together to find better ways to serve our clients. I am truly honored to be a leader of such great people giving everything they have to serve our clients every single day. I want to end this note with a thank you to our clients and team for making this quarter another record breaker!

Honors and recognitions in Q2

Quarterly awards for outstanding employee efforts went to:

  • Sales-Professional Services: Wayne Ebersohl
  • Finance and Administrative: Tom Jefvert
  • Technology OneSource Engineer: Jesse Kuykendall
  • Professional Services Engineer: Dustin Nichols
  • Tactical Operations Team: Ben Weber
  • Client Success: Robert Patterson
  • Sales Support: Randy Preston
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