Top 5 reasons clients choose NetGain Technologies over competitors

managed_I.T._services_industry_certifications_SOC_2_certifiedLike any other industry, the competition in the IT realm is stiff and demanding. Companies are constantly up against both Joe’s Computer shop down the road, the locally owned 15 employee IT company, and big name players like CDW. So with such a wide array of options, why would you choose NetGain Technologies as your managed service provider?

Below are 5 reasons why companies choose us:

1. We have many thoroughbreds in our stable: NetGain currently employees more than 150 team members and over half are technical in nature. Many of our competitors can’t afford to keep their staff’s certifications current.

2. We have more than 200 industry certifications: Below is a list of certifications by vendor:
a. Cisco- 80+ Certifications
b. Microsoft- 60+ Certifications
c. VMware- 20+
d. HP- 17+
e. CompTia- 13+
f. Citrix- 4
g. Barracuda- 4
h. Dell- 3
i. EMC- 3

In 2012, we were ranked 38th on CRN’s list of Tech Elite 250, recognizing us as an IT solution provider with deep technical expertise and premier certifications in North America.

3. We are SOC 2 certified: SOC 2 certification verifies that we have met strict standards when it comes to security, availability of data, processing integrity, and confidentiality. Regulatory standards for banking, healthcare, etc. make it increasingly important for IT service organizations to demonstrate SOC 2 compliance.

4. We are one of the top 100 Managed Services Providers (MSPs) in the world: For the past five years, we have been ranked by MSPmentor as one of the top 100 MSPs in the world. What does this mean for you? It means that you are working with a company that has the correct business processes in place to manage your critical IT functions.

5. We have been in business many years and are financially stable: Our doors have been open nearly 30 years. You can trust that we are not going anywhere and plan on staying a private business for many years to come.


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