VNX Email Alerts: Step- by- step Configuration in Unisphere

Don’t miss VNX email alerts, use this screen-by-screen guide to tell your VNX array to send you email in Unisphere:

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Video transcription

Hello, this is Bryan Jackson with NetGain Technologies. I wanted to take a minute to show you how to tell your VNX array to send you email in Unisphere. The guides that I have found haven’t been very hold-your-hand and step-by-step so, I thought I would show you really quick.

You want to pick on your array- obviously we’re going to use Yoda, here.

And then System > Monitoring Alerts > Notifications.

Now, in my opinion, the way to this is kind of backwards. You’re going to create a notification template. So you’re going to create the template – EMC recommends you use ‘Explicit Events’ on General.

Click on ‘Email’.

Click on ‘Default Message’.

Set your ‘Email To’.

‘From’; call it

‘Subject’; VNX alert SMPT server 1.1.50.

Then hit ‘OK’.

At this point you can click ‘Test’ and see if you get the email.

And now that you have the new template created – obviously I didn’t name it anything. I’m going to delete this since it’s for a client’s machine, I’m going to name it something a little bit different.

Once you have that done, you now need to apply that template to the storage processors. So if we look at the distributed monitors, you’ve got your ‘A Image’ and your ‘B Image’ for both of the storage processors.

Pick one of those storage processors and say ‘Use Template’.

Pick your template, hit ‘OK’, and wait for it to add.

Now, you see ‘B Image’ shows the new template, but ‘A Image’ also will show the new template.

And that’s it. I’m going to go ahead and delete this one.

Now, I want to also to say this is not a replacement for the ESRS call home functionality. That is something completely different. The purpose of this was to show you how to set up your array to send emails to yourselves or to a group.

I hope this has been helpful for you. Have a good day!

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