8 documents your I.T. staff should be able to provide right now (but they probably can’t)

I’m no Amazing Kreskin. Not even a Sherlock Holmes. I’m unable to read your mind. I cannot somehow cleverly deduce everything about you through that monitor or screen you’re looking at.

But I don’t need to be a mentalist or a detective to make a few educated guesses.

Here goes. Tell me how close I come:

If you’re on this site, you’re a business executive. You’re responsible for the health of your company. You do everything in your power to make it more successful.

And one of the things you do is hold your staff accountable. You have somewhere between 25 and 300 employees on payroll. As a corporate leader, you set goals and deadlines and success measurements for your workers. You probably even set KPIs (key performance indicators) for them, and they report their progress to you monthly, weekly, or even daily.

Your sales team reports leads and closed business. Your accounting team documents invoices vs. receipts. You have specific KPIs for your line foremen or your physician assistants or your loan officers. Probably even for your receptionist or your social media coordinator.

How am I doing so far?

8 documents your I.T. staff should be able to provide right now (but they probably can’t)
Free .pdf download: 8 documents your I.T. staff should be able to provide right now (but they probably can’t)

I know you do all of those things—because that’s what I’ve seen repeatedly when working with leaders of successful companies. So far, I haven’t guessed anything that stands out. But in my experience, this next one typically does:

You don’t have a strong grasp of what your I.T. team is doing on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. You’re a bit hazy on how technology is managed.

If I got that last part wrong, you’re the rare C-level executive who fully understands the capabilities of technology to enhance business outcomes. Nothing else here is going to interest you, so go have fun with some techy Google stuff. Or see if you can understand what this guy is talking about.

But if I was right and the whole “technology as a business driver” thing is something that worries you, I have another prediction:

You find it challenging to measure the performance of your I.T. department. You’re not even sure what to measure, much less how to gauge their performance.

Did I nail it?

More importantly, would you like to improve that situation?

I’d like you to invest five minutes of your time to learn a few great KPIs you need for your technology investment. I created this free downloadable checklist of 8 documents–incredibly important reports–your I.T. team should be placing on your desk regularly. (My final prediction: They’re not documenting this stuff. And that should worry you.)

Download your copy now to avoid being the business leader whose technology hurt his company.

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