Message from the CEO: May

I.T._service_and_solution_companies_invest_in_I.T._solutions_leading_I.T._companyBusiness is changing rapidly and dramatically, and at times it’s because of technology. To keep current on how these changes affect our clients in their specific industry, we belong to associations in key vertical markets like finance, healthcare, manufacturing, etc. throughout our region. From this, we can apply our I.T. expertise to industry-specific business problems and overcome these difficulties to improve effectiveness.

Recently, we attended the Kentucky Association of Manufacturer’s executive briefing in Northern Kentucky. A main topic was the difficulty manufacturers’ face recruiting skilled talent. With our economy waking up and the Dow Jones hitting an all-time high, manufacturing is starting to grow at an impressive 6.1% year-over-year pace.

Manufacturing innovation is the heartbeat of our country and fundamental to the American dream because these businesses perform 70% of all private-sector research and development. For nearly thirty years now, we’ve found that technology is key to finding and retaining the best employees and to improve efficiencies.
For the millennial generation now joining the workforce, a solid BYOD (bring your own device) policy is now a determining factor in selecting an employer. In fact, 31% of these young people consider new technology a “major draw” when making this decision.

Similar challenges exist when recruiting experienced top talent. These professionals have authority in their field and do not do not want to focus on the day-in and day-out upkeep of technology. They have core competencies and mission critical initiatives that provide major benefits to your organization.

By relying on an I.T. partner such as NetGain Technologies for the mundane-yet-necessary I.T. tasks to the high-powered I.T. solutions that can super charge your business; you are choosing a trusted advisor with expertise in your industry. This can help maintain uptime, minimize production downtime and improve the consistency of revenue.

When you require legal counsel, you contact an attorney. To protect and plan your money, you contact a financial advisor. If you find yourself needing help with technology, you want I.T. experts that work as your trusted advisor. We’ve helped thousands of business cross the chasm and we can help you as well. At NetGain Technologies, we’re always honored to help companies raise the I.Q. of their I.T.

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