Verdin Bell

Over the past six years, NetGain Technologies has been our sole source for technology advice and solutions. Along with handling all of our software subscriptions, your team helps us whenever we have issues with Symantec Citrix, end-point projects and more. In short, we rely on you guys a lot!

Recently, we realized that our antiquated SQL 2000 server was holding us back from upgrading our databases. We had an older version of VMware with a Barracuda Spam Filter Appliance, as well as an Exchange Mail server that was reaching the end of life.

Rather than just going through the expense of putting several new servers in place, we decided to dive into the virtual realm and add one physical server to consolidate & manage some virtual servers that we have on site.

Justifying this solution was easy, because we knew that we would be taking down four or more physical servers. We are saving money long-term on hardware and energy costs, all the while increasing performance with the new server.

Implementation of the new server took just a week and a half. Throughout the project, your team was very forthcoming with information and trained me along the way on how to use the new equipment and software. Now all of those issues I mention before are secured on the new virtual server, which is incredibly fast and reliable.

All in all, it was just a really good experience and has significantly impacted our business in a positive way.


Shannon R. Parker
IT Coordinator
The Verdin Company