Pension Corporation of America

After working with NetGain Technologies for over a decade, I wanted to express my gratitude and share with you that I am looking forward to continuing our relationship for many years in the future. As you know, one of our most recent projects has had one of the biggest impacts on Pension Corporation of America, namely, the implementation of our VoIP phone system.

Our 3Com phone system was aging and falling out of support when we reached a breaking point where it was necessary to find a replacement system. Maintaining contact and facilitating communication with our clients is absolutely mission-critical for our organization, and we saw the struggles with our 3Com system as a hindrance to this.

While considering our options, needs and business goals, it quickly became clear that choosing a Cisco solutions and, ultimately, continuing our relationship with NetGain Technologies was certainly in our best interest. The other options that we considered did not have quite the quality nor stability that were demonstrated by both Cisco and NetGain Technologies.

Your team went above and beyond during this selection process, bringing in your own experts and those from Cisco to help us explore all of the features and functions. On top of that, they also introduced us to several other NetGain Technologies clients. This allowed us to gain a candid view of the business benefits that we stood to gain in addition to a clear view of their high level of satisfaction. In fact, one of those references was a legal firm that happened to be one of our clients as well!

In the end, beyond selecting a Cisco system, our President, Tom Seitz, was so impressed and eager to gain these benefits for our entire organization, chose to implement video phones across the company. We have certainly seen a change in the way that we interact with our clients, which ultimately facilitates a better business environment for them as well as our employees. Through this solution, I’m delighted to say that we are continuing our 14-year-old relationship with NetGain Technologies and have truly improved how we build relationships with clients of our own.

Best Regards,

James R. Eckerle, Jr.
Vice President
Pension Corporation of America